Technology Business Research’s Perspective On Dell’s Green Product Development and Manufacturing Strategy

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We at Dell are working hard to make "being green" easier and
more cost-effective for our customers. So we were thrilled when industry
analyst firm Technology Business Research (TBR) recognized us in its
most recent Sustainability Spotlight. TBR provided an overview of Dell's
product design and manufacturing strategy, and concluded with this summary:

"In TBR's previous report on Dell's energy usage strategy, we
wrote: 'For Dell, sustainability is not a corporate social responsibility issue
that sits in a separate office; it is integrated into its business, and
managers are expected to incorporate it into their plans.' TBR believes this is
also true of the company's product development and manufacturing strategy.
While the computer industry as a whole is making strides toward greater
sustainability, Dell is clearly establishing itself as a role model,
particularly when it comes to taking a comprehensive approach.

"Much of this comes down to Dell's willingness to take a
leadership approach. Where other companies – Apple most notably – are coy about
releasing details of their sustainability plans and initiatives, Dell releases
extremely detailed information about every aspect of its strategy. Dell is also
more active than any other computer company in engaging its customer base and
other stakeholders in addressing these issues. Because of this, TBR feels that
Dell is having an outsized positive impact on the sustainability of the
computer industry, as well as the sustainability of industries that are heavy
users of computer technology. As such, TBR sees Dell as not just an industry
leader in sustainability, but a leader throughout the business world."

This isn't the first time TBR has recognized Dell's
Sustainability strategy.  Last May, TBR ranked Dell No. 1 in its inaugural
Corporate Sustainability Index Benchmark Report of 40 technology companies.

We're proud of our record, and we're grateful for the
acknowledgment from TBR and others. Their opinions tell us we're on the right
track, but we understand there's still much work to do.

About the Author: Ken Bissell

Topics in this article