The Dell Cloud Portfolio: Pushing the Limits of the Cloud

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As I have stated in my previous blog posts, Dell views the various Cloud technologies as not a simple solution to a specific problem but rather a strategic extension to an enterprise IT’s overall infrastructure. To achieve this purpose, Dell has spent the past five years assembling a variety of cloud products and services to meet the wide variety of customer demand for cloud technology (e.g. Facebook & Microsoft Bing Maps).

Just for some flavor, I found the original Dell announcement for cloud hardware solutions in a video from March 27, 2007.

This image below presents the Dell enterprise-class cloud portfolio from a high-level view. Dell provides cloud solutions for Private, Hybrid, and Public clouds as well as the supporting tools at all levels to manage, design, and support the cloud technologies. Dell ensures customer choice by enabling these three cloud deployment models for SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

Private Cloud – Dell provides a series of technologies for enterprise customers to achieve the maximum value of running cloud technology within the firewall for internal employees.  Based on industry standard VMware vCloud technology or open source newcomers such as OpenStack, Dell is prepared to meet your private cloud needs. Built on this foundation, Dell offers VIS Creator an automated service delivery and management platform for virtual desktop workloads, virtual and physical server workloads

As you would expect, Dell also offers hardware solutions pre-configured and ready to go out of the box with virtualization built-in; vStart. For those customers looking for bleeding-edge performance, Dell offers high performance hyperscale PowerEdge C Servers.

Public  Cloud – In the public cloud space, Dell continues to push the technology barrier with innovative solutions such as Dell Boomi, Dell Cloud with VMware vCloud Datacenter ServiceSoftware-as-a-Service applications supporting over 10,000 customers  and 6,000,000 mailboxes/devices,  and Dell cloud business applications.

Dell Boomi allows you to connect any combination of Cloud, SaaS, or On-Premise applications with no appliances, no software, and no coding. I plan to write more on this Boomi technology, but for now you can learn about Dell Boomi from these two blog links: Rick Nucci, CTO of Dell Boomi 4 Minute Video and Boomi Blog.

Dell cloud business applications is an innovative offering for small to medium size companies looking to consolidate all the line of business applications into a single-sign on cloud based infrastructure. As the diagram below shows, Dell services supports these cloud applications integration into the existing on-premise infrastructure to ensure a high-quality, seamless experience for the end-user and customer.

Cloud for Solutions

The focus on complete cloud solutions instead of individual products is leading Dell into the cloud for solutions space otherwise known as Community Clouds. Leveraging our experience working with global, large scale IT customers, Dell understands the complexity required to support clouds for healthcare, finance, education, ERP and other regulated industries. Creating community clouds that meet the individual needs of each business from a regulatory perspective ensures customers are properly within the latest legal requirements.


I have attempted to highlight some of the interesting cloud solutions offered by Dell and, of course, have come up short. I didn’t even mention our leadership in the hybrid cloud marketplace or security cloud management with Dell SecureWorks.  However, this impressive overview of our basic cloud technology presents Dell not only as a participant in the cloud market but also as an innovator in finding complete solutions for our global customers. If you are interested in learning more about the variety of cloud technologies simply follow the various hyperlinks I have provided or click here to speak with the Dell cloud specialists.

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Topics in this article