The Lifestyle Connection

We recently created a new lifestyle destination on to showcase our most stylish and innovative products, and connect primarily with women. It’s generated a fair amount commentary and a good deal of feedback – lots of it positive, but much that wasn’t.

Given that we’re a direct company, everything we’ve heard is valuable. It helps us better connect with a diverse range of customers, from Gen Y to digital nomads to people who run big data centers, as examples. There are endless possibilities on how to bring Dell to people who have all kinds of interests. The site was created for those who value a certain combination of technology, style and personalization – women especially, but not only women, and certainly not all women. So far, people are going there and buying things at a rate higher than we expected. For those who don’t find this convergence of technology, style and personalization appealing – well, there was obviously no intent to stereotype or otherwise offend anyone.

That said, we can do better and are already making changes based on what you’re telling us. For example, we’ve made the "tech tips" section, well, more technical. We’ll be incorporating more business-oriented products and information. And there’s less pink. We are listening.

Thanks for the feedback. It’s essential to how Dell does business.

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About the Author: Laura Broderick