The Evolution of

After many months of customer research, planning and design we are unveiling our new shopping experience for consumers and small businesses users  in Canada. We focused the design around helping customers navigate the site quickly and easily. This new interface has literally been tested by thousands of people globally and we think is going to drive a better customer experience for those familiar with

Since we've rolled it out in Canada, we've gotten some encouraging results…So far, customers on average have spent more than 20 percent less time on the site because they are completing their orders faster than before.

Customers tell us the navigation and store interface is easier to use and more appealing. Here are some comments from a few customers about the site:  “Computers/products are well laid out and descriptions are clear. The website is pretty user friendly.” “ Very Informative website. easy to navigate.” While we’re encouraged by the initial results and comments, we know there is still much work to do.

A few of the enhancements to the site include:

  • A Dell Advisor (see image below) to help customers choose the product that is right for them based on how they want to use their system. Need help?  This is a great place to go!
  • An Assisted Navigation designed to help customers shop based on specific attributes like how much memory they need and or what size hard drive is important
  • A streamlined configuration experience that helps customers get exactly what they want once they have chosen a system.

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The new site features more prominent product images that provide shoppers better context of what the products look like and many Dell Canada customers told us that was a helpful improvement that simplified the process of choosing a system.

We'll continue testing the site in Canada for a while longer, then we'll plan to roll out enhancements to the United States later this summer and other countries around the world throughout the rest of the year. If you have suggestions on how we can improve the experience, I'd love to hear your feedback.

About the Author: Emily Campbell