The new PowerEdge C8000 series – let our innovation power yours

It’s no wonder that IT organizations are pushing hard to reduce data center operating costs by reducing power consumption, and managing capital costs more efficiently by reclaiming rack space and repurposing hardware. They are wrestling with massive challenges on a commensurate scale, and their success depends on being the fittest and fastest. Analyst firm IDC is predicting a 650% increase in data during the next five years. Other researchers are forecasting an Internet traffic explosion of 80.2 exabytes per month by 2015 generating enough content to fill almost 3 standard DVDs for every person on the planet.

IT executives are painfully aware of how energy inefficiencies and increased performance requirements can quickly drive up operating and capital costs. Organizations need technical ingenuity and resourcefulness more than ever to deal with all of these challenges. That’s where Dell comes in. We have been there every step of the way – helping IT and facility managers improve their data center efficiency, capacity and performance.

The new PowerEdge C8000 series continues this rich Dell legacy of innovation. It is the industry’s only 4U shared infrastructure solution to provide compute, GPU/coprocessor and storage options in a single chassis. Data centers running highly resource-intensive hyperscale workloads can save on space, energy and refresh rates. Like our 12th Generation PowerEdge servers, the PowerEdge C8000 series follows the Dell Fresh Air Initiative guidelines, allowing our customers to run their data centers at higher operating temperatures.

The Texas Advanced Computing Center’s ‘Stampede’ supercomputer is a fantastic example of how our customers are using Dell server technology to run extremely data-intensive computing and visualization workloads. Stampede is powered by several thousand PowerEdge C8000 servers with GPUs to help speed scientific discovery at a petascale level. When complete, the cluster will support thousands of researchers and projects at an enormous scale, and will run some of the world’s biggest simulations. The entire system will weigh more than 500,000 pounds, and contain over 100,000 Intel Xeon processor cores and more than 75 miles of cabling. Stampede will also harness the power of the latest NVIDIA GPUs and Intel Xeon Phi (MIC) coprocessors, resulting in performance capabilities up to 10 petaflops.  

Advanced hardware technology like the new PowerEdge C8000 platform, helps our customers achieve faster time to results and lower total cost of ownership in power efficiency, system scaling efficiency and compute density. Due to Dell’s unwavering customer commitment and focus on delivering innovative solutions, we are enabling consistently positive outcomes- giving our customers the power to do even more in the future!

To learn how to do more with the PowerEdge C8000 series, visit Here’s a video overview of the product from Armando Acosta. If you’re interested in even more details, check out his post on Inside Enterprise IT.

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