The power to deliver results faster: Introducing the Dell PowerEdge 12th generation of servers

Update from Lionel: This blog is one of a 12-part series, “12 blogs for the Dell PowerEdge 12th Generation.” For more in the series, please check here, or click on the 12 blogs tag here.

Think of today’s data center as a factory. IT is at the heart of productivity and revenue generation. That factory has to scale to deliver better performance for applications and business services to boost productivity, while at the same time constantly gain efficiencies to get more ROI from investments.

However, growing demands on IT, technological advancements, and increasing complexity make it progressively more challenging for IT to fuel productivity and generate greater revenue from existing assets. The IT department — the factory— is under heavy demand from every line of business to drive results in multiple ways.

That’s where Dell comes in.

Introducing innovations that deliver results faster

Our strategy to keep your IT factory humming along is grounded in listening to you. This direct model of customer interaction and feedback has been our foundation for more than 27 years. Frequent and deep interactions give us a unique perspective on bringing innovations to market to meet your needs.

In designing the next generation of Dell PowerEdge servers, we participated in more than 7,700 customer interactions worldwide to get input on what you need to power your business. We’ve focused everything we do, everything we invest in, everything we build to deliver innovations that provide the uncompromising performance and capabilities you need when and where it matters. The result is a portfolio of systems that help answer the biggest challenges IT faces. We think of the PowerEdge 12th generation servers as systems designed by you, and engineered by Dell.

Maximize efficiency

Data centers, under constant fiscal pressure, need to make more efficient use of IT resources, streamline and automate operational tasks and leverage their existing investments. Dell 12th Generation PowerEdge servers help IT organizations improve efficiency, boost productivity and get the most out of every dollar.

Our servers are equipped with the Dell OpenManage systems management portfolio, which includes Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC7) with Lifecycle Controller 2.0 to simplify the lifecycle of deploying, updating, monitoring, and maintaining PowerEdge servers. This is our second generation of embedded intelligence which extends capabilities to streamline and automate operational tasks to an install base of more than 3.5 million servers. IT Administrators can manage Dell servers in physical, virtual, local, and remote environments, operating in-band or out-of-band, with or without a systems management software agent. Agent-free monitoring of over 400 sensors including network, storage, and add-in adapters across the lifecycle delivers real results for your IT factory: you can save $2.6 million (U.S. dollars) annually in maintenance costs and save 43 days a year of administrative time.

Approximately $7.4 billion is spent each year on data center power costs, and those costs are ever increasing. Dell has taken a comprehensive approach to driving energy efficiency across the data center. Through advancements in our Fresh Air Initiative, Energy Smart design and the introduction of OpenManage Power Center in our 12th generation servers you will save millions in annual operating costs in your data center.

Turn data into insights for faster results

Better performance is always important, and on that front we’ve got you covered. Dell PowerEdge servers power business applications more effectively to help you achieve more by introducing several new innovations that improve system performance, increase throughput capacity, and speed access to data for faster results. Data is useless unless you can convert it into insights. We are extending Fluid Data Architecture storage technology to the server to give you the information you need in a flash. New innovations in PCIe solid state disks, data accelerators and scalable internal storage will give you significant improvements in your ERP, Business Intelligence and database performance. We’re talking about increases of up to 10.5X more Microsoft SQL Server transactions per second and 28 times query response time running Oracle Database 11g.

Ensure business continuity

Dell is committed to provide secure, continual access to the IT services that power your business. With reliability, availability, and serviceability features like hot swappable fans, disks, and PSUs, Dell PowerEdge servers keep your data center running with rock-solid reliability.

Security in the virtual age is a complex, multi-faceted challenge. PowerEdge servers protect your data from accidental loss or malicious intrusions, not only with innovative security technology, but also with services from experienced, trusted advisors in the security realm. Dell now provides a wide spectrum of security and disaster recovery services, including assessment, consulting, design, and delivery.

Our highest performing, most manageable, most innovative servers ever

With Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers as the foundation of your intelligent infrastructure, your IT factory is ready to increase its output and bring a return on your investment. New innovations will help you maximize efficiency by streamlining and automating operations, achieve more by turning data into insights for faster results, and ensure business continuity with security, availability, and reliability features.

I invite you to take a closer look at the new servers we are introducing. We [we’re ready to ship, we will ship when Intel lifts their embargo] and will introduce additional products in our PowerEdge 12th generation server portfolio in the coming months.

For more on the heroes behind the innovations, see what they have to say in the video below, and click through to view the entire series:

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