New AMD-based PowerEdge Servers: The Right Way

We value our customer interactions above all – as a company, we have over 2 billion unique conversations per year. When I meet directly with the people that purchase and use our Enterprise products, I am especially pleased to hear how Dell has helped make a difference in their businesses and organizations, and how we’ve done things ‘the right way.’ Knowing that we’ve been able to meet the widely varying needs of businesses and organizations, each with a unique combination of requirements necessary for success, is extremely gratifying.

In order to best address the challenges that our customers face daily, Dell offers a broad variety of platforms, components, software, services and solutions. Our customers have made it clear that one size does NOT fit all. In developing our platforms, we have long been a leader in forging in-depth technology partnerships with great companies such as AMD, in order to provide our customers with the choices they want. Forrest Norrod, our Senior VP of Server Platforms, recently shared his thoughts on the Dell and AMD relationship:

The joint engineering of Dell and AMD seamlessly integrates AMD’s technologies into our award-winning PowerEdge and PowerEdge C server platforms, allowing us to design these platforms with the capability to support multiple processor generations, such as the new 6200 and 4200 processor families. Because Dell and AMD go the extra mile, our customers are confident that they are receiving more than just a box filled with the latest components. They’re getting integrated, fully-tested and fully-supported platforms that are the foundation of the solutions they depend on.

We are very excited about bringing the performance gains and improved power efficiencies of AMD’s latest processors to our entire AMD portfolio, which spans from economical entry-level 2-socket platforms to high-performance 4-socket blades and even to our advanced ultra-dense PowerEdge C servers. Dell has been unique among Tier 1 server manufacturers in that our portfolio provides a choice of platforms which support the high end 6000- or the high value 4000-series AMD Opteron processors. This gives our customers the ability to select the platform that best meets their needs.

AMD’s processor innovations coupled with the scalability and reliability of PowerEdge and PowerEdge C servers is truly a winning combination. I’m looking forward to talking to customers to hear their response to our refreshed AMD-based server portfolio. I hope they will see this as another example of how we do things ‘the right way’ by delivering products and solutions that make a difference for their businesses and organizations.

About the Author: Sally Stevens