Three Ways the APEX Console Cracks the Multicloud Code

Dell’s APEX Console accelerates IT modernization and powers your multicloud strategy.
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Cheers to the heroes of IT. You champion some of the largest multicloud initiatives within your company, guiding your stakeholders into use case bliss and digitally transforming business as we know it. With such crucial initiatives at the forefront of your to-dos, simplifying cloud management and accelerating IT modernization is key to making it all work.

However, every large tectonic shift within a company has its challenges, and modernization can cause stress on the IT ecosystem. First, there’s formulating the perfect cloud strategy for your company – all while coming up with right mix of workload distribution. Next, you have increasing demands from stakeholders to move faster. Did I mention the correct balance of IT governance but also flexibility? While the thought of IT modernization sounds daunting, it doesn’t have to be.

Decoding your Business Needs

We hear a great deal of common business requirements from customers around the world. And it all ladders up to simplifying your multicloud experience, accelerating time to value and better controlling multicloud management. Here are some of their needs:

    • Our company has clearly defined goals. We need simple multicloud solutions to help us get there.
    • We need secure and consistent operations across our cloud environments.
    • We’re laser-focused on removing complexity in our IT procurement cycle.
    • We can’t afford latency. Maximizing performance is key.
    • Our organization needs the ability to scale up quickly to launch next-gen use cases.
    • We’re working to free up IT resources to focus on high-value projects.
    • Cloud costs can accelerate quickly. We need a way to better predict our IT spend.
    • Our IT team needs to maintain IT oversight but also empower our stakeholders.
    • How do we better forecast capacity needs with unpredictable data growth?

The great news is, there’s an easy way to meet the business demands above, and it all starts with Dell’s APEX portfolio.

The Winning Combination: Enter Dell APEX

Dell’s APEX as-a-Service portfolio places the power of multicloud management in your hands.  Improve your planning and provisioning time – up to 86% faster¹ – allowing you to rapidly deliver against your business goals. Even better, all APEX solutions give you the financial freedom of flexible payment options and co-termed expansions – so you pay for what you need now and easily scale up as your business demands.

It doesn’t stop there. Enjoy many APEX cloud flavors, turning multiple cloud chaos into multicloud control. Everything from I need to start modernizing my data center to I’m ready to explore multicloud orchestration – whatever your cloud path may be, we have the expertise and solutions to help you get there. For example:

    • APEX Hybrid Cloud drives consistency and orchestration across multiple cloud environments – your data center, co-location facility, edge locations, and public cloud deployments

While modernizing your IT environment is a great first step, you can’t afford to add more siloed cloud and infrastructure solutions to your toolbox. That’s where the APEX Console comes in. It’s your centralized platform for managing and orchestrating your multicloud journey. It covers everything from rapidly configuring and deploying cloud resources to gaining cloud cost visibility, optimizing capacity and driving greater visibility over your environment.

The video above includes three takeaways on how the APEX Console helps you execute against your multicloud strategy.

For additional details on APEX and APEX Console, please follow DellAPEX on Twitter, contact your Dell account representative and visit our APEX solutions page.

1A Forrester New Technology Projected Total Economic Impact™ Study, commissioned by Dell Technologies, June 2021. Estimates projected over three years, based on interviews with four organizations using APEX Data Storage Services, aggregated and combined into a composite organization, and survey responses from an additional 121 IT decision makers. Actual results may vary. Read the full report here.

About the Author: Elizabeth Carbone

Elizabeth Carbone is a Product Marketing Consultant for the Dell Technologies Unstructured Data Solutions team. She is focused on showcasing the value of the portfolio to power use cases such as artificial intelligence, analytics and internet of things (IoT) for businesses in every industry. Prior to Dell, Elizabeth worked at Syniverse, a global mobile solutions provider, for eight years and focused on product marketing for its communications platform as-a-Service (CPaaS) offering. Additionally, Elizabeth managed corporate-wide market research and analysis for Syniverse’s telco and enterprise target audiences. She holds a Master of Science degree in marketing and a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and management from the University of South Florida.
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