Try Before You Buy at Dell Experience Centers

It used to be that you could only buy Dell products over the phone, on, or in different retail stores like Wal-Mart or Best Buy. The question became, are those three channels enough to meet the needs of our customers?

After listening to our customers, we’ve learned that you want Dell products in the malls that you frequently visit, you want to try the products before you buy them, and you want that fun, engaging face to face experience. You want to be able to visit a store, put your hands on the product, and get all your questions answered. Not only do you want to touch, feel, and experience our newest technology, but you want to buy it from Dell directly and be delighted at every touch.

Over the last few months, we opened three Dell Experience Centers to answer to our customers’ demand. The Dell Experience Center is the fourth way to experience and purchase Dell products. It’s a twist from the traditional mall kiosk in that it allows customers to truly experience our newest tablets, laptops, and smartphone products.

The first thing that will catch your eye while entering into the store will be the diversity of products offered and the fun, engaging experiences you can have with them! Ranging from the Inspiron Duo, Inspiron 2305 All-in-One, Streak 7, Streak 5, Venue Pro, Venue, XPS laptops, and our newest Inspiron R with removable lids, we have a wide array of products to cover all of your different needs. You’ll see kids finger painting on the touch screen all-in-one, adults swiveling the Duo in shock that it’s both a touchscreen tablet and a full-function notebook, and college kids jamming out to the XPS 15 laptop with its powerful JBL speakers. There’s a gadget for everyone to try.

Don’t know which product is for you? The Dell advisors are friendly and knowledgeable and will answer all your questions while making the appropriate recommendations. They’ll help you customize the perfect solution for you and ship it directly to your home!

We launched locations on Black Friday last year:

We’re really enjoying being out in the environment and learning from our customers every day. If you live in the NY, Boston, or Chicago area – come check us out, be on the lookout for our movie theatre Streak 7 trailer, and let us know what you think. If you don’t live close, but you are curious, here are some photos of what to expect.

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About the Author: Elyse May