Ubuntu 7.10 on the XPS M1330, Ubuntu Coming to Customers in Spain

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Since we've began offering Ubuntu on some consumer systems, two clear areas of feedback from the IdeaStorm community and Direct2Dell readers have been: offer Ubuntu on more hardware, and offer it worldwide.This Ubuntu-related post is still the third most commented post in Direct2Dell's history-many  of the 654 comments are asking for it in more countries.

Now Ubuntu 7.10 is making it's way to our XPS 1330 laptop and Dell will begin offering Ubuntu in Spain.

Starting today, customers in Germany, United Kingdom, France and now Spain can purchaseUbuntu Linux 7.10 with built-in DVD playback on the XPS 1330n (in addition to the previously-released Inspiron 530n desktop system.  For U.S. customers, you'll have to hold on a week or so.

Update, January 30: As of last night, the XPS M1330 with Ubuntu is now available for customers in the United States at www.dell.com/ubuntu.

Update, February 18: Today we started offering the NVIDIA 8400M GS graphics card as an option for Ubuntu customers.

Ubuntu 7.10 runs great on the XPS M1330. It has more power, more style.  Take a look at the Dell UK Ubuntu website for more details.

Thank you to the Linux community for the support. Your purchases and your commitment is the driving force behind this expansion, and is the key to more in the future. 

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Topics in this article