Videomaker Names Dell Precision T7600 Best Video Editing Desktop Workstation & “A Dream Come True”

For all of the video pros searching for the best video editing workstation, I have good news for you – the search is over. Videomaker has selected the Dell Precision T7600 tower workstation the Best Video Editing Desktop Workstation as part of its Best Picks of 2012 where they reveal the best of the best. The T7600 was named best desktop workstation due to its durable build, strong dedication to security, and endless expandability. 

In the video below, Mike Wilhelm, Executive Editor, Videomaker, walks through his favorite features of the T7600 and why it is a video editor’s dream come true. He summarizes it as a highly serviceable, incredibly powerful, editing beast. The highlights include the expandability of the chassis and motherboard; number of cores, dual, eight core Intel Xeon E5-2687W processors; total expansion slots for up to 512GB of RAM; quick release, front accessible hard drives; clean, organized and secure chassis design; and externally removable power supply. Check out the video below for the full review.  

To learn more about why the Dell Precision T7600 is just what the video producer ordered, read Videomaker’s full review

In addition to the performance and design features, video pros benefit from Dell’s partnerships with the top digital content creation software vendors, including Adobe, Autodesk, Avid, Sony and others, as we certify and test their applications on Dell workstations to ensure optimal performance. Check out stories from multiple visual effects, video production and other film companies about why they made the switch to Dell Precision for their design, editing and rendering –

About the Author: Don Maynard