Voice of the Mobility Customer Rings Loud and Clear

Screenshot of VOIP Calling via Dell Business PhoneOne of the most exciting aspects of being involved in Dell’s mobility innovations is the opportunity to have meaningful dialogues with our customers about their needs.

Lately, they have been voicing concerns about their employees having to make work-related calls on personally-owned devices. This dilemma is intensifying based on the recent California court ruling that will require employers to reimburse employees for work-related calls. The impact of this ruling could snowball across the entire enterprise landscape.

We listened carefully to what customers had to say, and we’re pleased to announce today the solution that was created as a result of those discussions. Dell Business Phone powered by Vonage Business Solutions removes many of the biggest BYOD barriers customers currently face. It gives employees the flexibility and privacy of having a separate business line and phone number on their existing Android or iOS smartphone or tablet using Dell Mobile Workspace.

Also, this unique voice feature gives enterprises the ability to set security and calling policies as well as route calls over WiFi, cellular voice and data networks to help control telecom expenses.

With the enterprise-managed service, IT can safeguard call logs, voicemail, texts, contacts and other data within the encrypted Dell Mobile Workspace. The ability to retain access to business phone data and billing records helps ensure compliance with regulatory and legal requirements.

What’s more, using Internet-based communications can produce tangible costs savings by removing the need to purchase corporate-owned smartphones and services tied to specific wireless carriers. Instead, our carrier-agnostic business service gives customers the ability to deploy shared-minute plans and pool employees’ minutes-of-use as well as set or restrict the methods by which calls are placed (WiFi, cellular voice, cellular data) for further cost savings.

It’s extremely gratifying to listen to our customers and then be able to help them transform how their employees work by giving them the tools needed to do their jobs without forcing IT to relinquish control or compromise security. It’s a delicate balance as you need to heed many different points of view—from employees, line-of-business owners. IT, finance, legal, HR and more.

Screenshot of incoming call on Dell Business PhoneIn developing Dell Enterprise Mobility Management, again we listened carefully to what customers needed and then worked closely with Dell’s mobility experts to fulfill the promise of a simple yet full-featured mobile/BYOD enablement solution. From speaking with customers, we knew our solution had to be extremely easy to use so employees wouldn’t abandon it for their own workarounds. So, we focused on creating an intuitive, simple end-user experience, which revolves around Dell Mobile Workspace, our secure, managed enterprise workspace.

Employees simply download a single application onto their mobile devices and then, based on their work credentials, access pre-integrated productivity apps and services—such as Dell Business Phone, Microsoft Office 365 email and Box for Dell enterprise content collaboration. We’ve done all the heavy lifting to ensure that data can be shared and synchronized across apps and services, so employees can collaborate and be more productive.

We also knew along it was crucial to deliver the highest level of security and improved manageability, regardless of device type. We’ve accomplished that, thanks to the tight integration of industry-leading IP from Dell SonicWALL, Dell Data Protection | Encryption, Dell Wyse, Dell One Identity and Dell KACE.

Whether we’re talking about Dell Business Phone, Mobile Workspace or Dell Enterprise Mobility Management, the bottom line is the same—we heard our customers loud and clear when they asked for solutions that would make mobility enablement easier. Throughout Dell, the voice of the customer resonates strongly, and is especially strategic to us on the mobility front as our continuing innovations and enhancements will be driven by what customers tell us.

Drop me a line at Tom_Kendra@Dell.com so your voice can be heard too.

About the Author: Tom Kendra