We Mean Business: Katie’s Corner – Wagville

Before I stepped into Wagville, I had never even heard of “holistic dog care”. The first thing I was told when checking in my friend's pet was that it was cage free. I asked if this had something to do with eggs? Ahh…it was going to be a long couple of days.

Let me tell you something – the dogs at Wagville eat and sleep better than most humans do. There is even a service option available for dog sleepovers: a caretaker will actually sleep with your pet. Oh, and did I mention the dollar per minute massages and movies available to watch for the dog nap. Can I check in to Wagville? In all seriousness, there were some pretty exclusive services available that obviously catered to higher end clientele. I wanted to showcase these with the display we installed right in the dead center of the store. This was just the start of things….

A lot of times small businesses don’t have the money to completely replace their technology. Well, the good news is, you don’t always need to start from scratch. Many times with a few upgrades you can work with what you have- – saving you $. Julie, the owner of Wagville, had a solid tech foundation- she just needed some upgrades. This showcased the scalability of her current Dell products.

The self check- in kiosks were a pain to install. Time-wise these really set us back more than anything else. We were having problems with the Kennel Connection Software, too. I had never worked with this particular software before and we were up against the clock to resolve the issue. Fortunately, we completed the task in time.

This was a close one for the team but the day ended with smiles and a dog costume contest. My favorite contestant was our second place winner – "Frankie Meatball", an English Bulldog. He sported a lobster costume but kept overheating in it. Frankie’s owner couldn’t get him to get up off the ground – ha.

I had to hand it to Julie and her staff. They are really passionate and truly love canines. I wanted a dog before I came to Wagville, but have since become OD’ed from the sound of barking and the canine 'tudes. No pet anytime soon.

Tech Review:

· Kept her Dell PowerEdge Server

· Installed two self service check- in kiosks – with mini tags similar to the frequent shopper grocery tags you keep on your key chain

· Installed new *** systems

· Installed two digital displays for both menu (pushing sales) and one looping dog photos

· Provided Latitude Notebook for remote access so Julie can detach herself from Wagville

About the Author: Katie Linendoll