Weekly Recap 5-22-08

Short and sweet this week:

Welcome to New Users!

This week our community grew by more than 230 new members. A special thanks to drewness and binarygrind for really jumping in and really participating!

Number of ideas

More than 65 new ideas were submitted over the last week (several that focus on improvements for XPS). It seems like we’ve set a good pace of about 60 new ideas every week.

Gaining Momentum

After several members shared their opinions, our own chris_m joined the conversation to give the community his thoughts on a 24 inch XPS One. Also, it seems like the community agrees with ccpljat about higher screen resolution, but there hasn’t been a lot of discussion around the idea.

New survey

What to tell us how you really feel? Just click on the link above the search on the IdeaStorm header or here to fill out the short survey. We would like feedback on how we can better engage, entertain and serve the Dell Community. So, please let us know your thoughts on how we can improve our current sites.

And, just for fun: Our own IdeaGal Dawn Lacallade presented at the Community 2.0 Conference last week. Jim Storer spent some time chatting with Dawn about IdeaStorm and idea management. Check out the podcast!

About the Author: Kara Krautter