Weekly Recap 5-7-08

It has been a busy week for us around Ideastorm!  Here are a couple of the "usual" updates and a couple of new components thanks to Jervis' wonderful suggestions.

The Usual– The happenings of the week.

As you scroll down you will see the more detailed review of the Ideastorm contributions to the newly announced XPS 730.  Man, you guys are great designers!  In the continued pursuit of cleaning up old ideas, we updated webcams and graphics cards.  Robert_P has been joining the discussion for several weeks as the Small Business Liaison and this week he chimed in on the debate about Dell Small Business Vs Dell Home.  The past several weeks have shown us in both Dell sites as well as broadly across the blogosphere that the desire to keep XP is as hot as ever.  Dell has responded with an update on how we will continue to offer XP.  Last but probably most intriguing is the launch of Dell's newest blog last week.  Yourblog is a place where you can drive the agenda and even author blogs for Dell.  We would love to have you contribute! 

How about some introductions to the Community team at Dell?  This week we launched the beginning phase of a bio page on the all of the usual suspects. 

In the outside world, we have been watching a growing debate about the uses of Ideastorm like sites for various business uses for several weeks in this update.  Most recently there has been a growing list of companies getting involved in creating new platforms to host these sites and a hot debate about the merit of these companies.  

Welcome to new users!

The Ideastorm would like to welcome all of the 200+ new users we saw last week!  We noticed a couple of new users who jumped in head first like sa2008 who had 1 idea, 11 comments, 8 votes and jamesmoroni1 who had 3 ideas, 7 votes!  We had more than 75 new ideas last week and had several ideas that gained much momentum. 

Gaining Momentum–  Ideas on the up and up

Did you catch the recent news that Dell is moving away from our build to order infinite configuration model?  Ideastorm users continued to find this idea was of much concern.  I am sure no one missed the patriotic streak we had on Ideastorm last week.  It began and quickly spread to showed that patriotic colors take many forms.  We also saw an idea that shared the need for less gain some speed. 

About the Author: Dawn Lacallade