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Welcome to the latest edition of the Weekly Recap, your guide to the week's Dell-related news and happenings. 

Story of the Week

Empowering Women and Electric Scooters: Suddenly Dell Is a Very Different Company IT Business Edge – April 26, 2012
This week was Dell’s industry analyst conference where several hundred of us descend on the company and compete to see who can ask the pithiest question. As expected, they walked us through some of their initiatives and strategies while showcasing a number of partners and new capabilities.

Other Dell News

Clustered Dell workstations kept Martin Scorsese happy on Hugo IT Business – April 24, 2012
With clustered Dell workstations and a rendering cloud, animators in the U.S., Europe and Asia could all work on a shot for Hugo while Scorsese slept peacefully

Dell launches new social media training campaign for channel partners eChannel Line – April 24, 2012
Dell has announced a new dedicated social media page on the PartnerDirect partner portal, which gives their Certified Channel Partners access to a number of useful social media tools and tips, including links to all of PartnerDirects social media platforms, a Q&A forum, registrations for both a live virtual training session and an on-demand refresher course.

Dell Unveils 40GbE-Enabled Networking Switch eWeek – April 24, 2012
Dell, leveraging its acquisition last year of networking vendor Force10 Networks, is adding new hardware and software offerings to its open networking platform, including a 40 Gigabit Ethernet-enabled switch for its PowerEdge M1000e blade system.

Dell fuels up Precision workstations with Xeon E5s Channel Register – April 23, 2012
Intel has got its Xeon E5 processors out the door for boxes with one or two sockets and is getting ready to start the "Ivy Bridge" generation of desktop processors, and so it's no surprise Dell is revamping its Precision workstation lineup.

An End to End Solution for Healthcare IT (Video) Intel – April 23, 2012
Many questions were asked on the HIMSS12 tradeshow floor. The common theme, according to Dr. Andrew Litt, Medical Director at Dell, was about how to put separate technologies together in order to make a seamless health IT solution.

CISO Interview Series- Doug Steelman: CISO Dell SecureWorks Infosec – April 23, 2012
Doug Steelman is the Chief Information officer of Dell SecureWorks, where he leads the defense of Dell SecureWork’s networks.

Making Sense of the Cloud for Growing Businesses Cloud Computing Journal – April 23, 2012
With all the hype around "the cloud," it's difficult not to be skeptical about its value. While cloud computing seems complex, it is possible to understand the building blocks that help make the cloud more tangible for businesses of all sizes.

Review: Dell Precision M6600 mobile workstation CG Channel – April 20, 2012
Jason Lewis used to be a sceptic about mobile workstations. But after integrating Dell’s sleek, unflashy Precision M6600 into his production workflow for several months, he came away surprisingly impressed.

Intelligent Energy efficiently manages rapid organisational expansion Datacentre Solutions – April 19, 2012
Intelligent Energy has virtualized its rapidly growing IT infrastructure with Dell to achieve greater flexibility and performance while managing organisational growth in an environmentally responsible way. Named by The Sunday Times’ Tech Track 100 in 2011 as one of the UK’s fastest growing technology companies, Intelligent Energy has witnessed a 300 percent growth in data driven by growth in employee numbers over the course of a year.

Dell PowerEdge R720 ZDNet – April 19, 2012
Two processors in 2U (2P2U) is the big-selling sweet spot as far as server vendors are concerned, making the PowerEdge R720 from Dell a significant new product. It's also the first PowerEdge to ship with Xeon E5-2600 processors, based on Intel's latest Sandy Bridge EP architecture and the first of Dell's so-called 'twelfth-generation' (12G) PowerEdge servers, which major on enhanced management as well as performance and availability.

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Industry Quotes & Insight

“To increase productivity and employee effectiveness…businesses should focus more on employee output, which is particularly true within global organizations that conduct business across different time zones and geographies.” – Bryan Jones, executive director, marketing, medium business, public and large enterprise, Dell EMEA

“We know the world has changed from a 9-5 local workforce to a 24/7 global workforce. User needs are changing. They want a tablet on the shop floor, a laptop in the field, and a full workstation for heavy creative work. We think it's all part of a device continuum that we'll continue to invest in it.” – Kirk Schell, vice-president of computing products at Dell

“The new Precision workstation series has been redesigned from the inside out. When we think about the kinds of people that use these products they’re very creative people and they want to use a system that would be the kind of system they’d design themselves.” – Efrain Rovira, executive director, Dell Precision workstations  

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