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Note from Lionel: Below is a post from Ajay Arora from our Dell India team. He's a key contributor to the newest Dell blog—Direct2Dell India. It's the first country-level blog we've ever launched. Ajay's post below provides more context as to why it's important. If you'd like to reference it in the future you can go to http://direct2dell.com/india. Now, here's Ajay's post..

As a melting pot of cultural diversity, India stands strong on the global map of influential nations. Its contribution to Dell’s global business is significant and one that continues to grow. India occupies a unique place in the global village—It speaks, writes and reads English, but its own unique culture and diverse local language influences differentiate it from any other English-speaking audiences across the world. These unique characteristics of the Indian consumer and the Indian business owner, along with India’s importance to Dell globally has inspired us to start the Direct2Dell India blog. Dell has been interacting with customers through the global Direct2Dell blog since 2006. It has grown over the past few years from being Dell’s corporate voice in the blogosphere, to becoming an interactive platform for consumers.

The Direct2Dell India blog provides Dell with a voice to speak directly to consumers, provide perspective on industry and consumer trends as well as share news and insights about products and services. It also provides the undiluted freedom to Dell and its consumers to gain insights into each other’s expectations.

The Direct2Dell India blog will share exciting news on product launches, industry events and our various CSR activities in India. There will also be major corporate news such as quarterly earnings in an effort to increase transparency. Consumers will get a chance to read about Dell’s perspective on topics such as efficient IT solutions for enterprises, e-governance and the use of IT systems in educational institutes. We will also be writing quite a bit on customer support issues. After all, solving the customer’s problems is our first priority. So there will be a wide range of relevant material on the blog for you to read. We are also open to receiving suggestions from you on what you would like to read about. Give us a piece of your mind in comments section. Two-way dialogue with consumers has always been the focal point of Dell’s operations and the Direct2Dell India Blog is another step in this direction.

Consumers can also find Dell India on Twitter at @dellhomesalesin. For our Small and Medium consumers, connect with us on @biz_dell_in.

Once again, a warm welcome to you from the whole Dell India team to the Direct2Dell India blog. We look forward to many insightful discussions and conversations in the days to come.

About the Author: Ajay Arora