What is Smart Security? And, Do You Need It?

There are more security threats to small businesses every day. And, as IT becomes more complex –and workers become more mobile– controlling access to key data is becoming even more critical. Millions of business users-and their laptops-travel through busy transportation hubs worldwide each year.

Several weeks ago, Suzanne Atkinson described some of the ways Dell is helping Small Businesses secure and protect their data and machines while traveling. From preventing wireless connection hackers to avoiding physical theft and damage, the airport doesn’t have to be a threat to your IT security.

Outside of the terminal, securing all your IT assets remains a concern for many small business owners. Don McCall, an enterprise security strategist here at Dell, discusses four primary areas of vulnerability and provides practical solutions to address them in a simplified way.  The topics he covers are:

  • · e-mail,
  • · lost laptops,
  • · identity management
  • · anti-malware

Click this link to hear the podcast.

About the Author: Robert Peek