What’s Next for Dell Customer Service

Earlier today, a Dell press release discussed new services we're planning to offer Dell home users. I wanted to take a few minutes to focus on the Premium service piece.

The core idea of the upcoming fee-based service is to provide customers in the United States access to a dedicated support team to provide support for all Dell-branded products that are still under warranty in that customer's household. These dedicated service teams will operate in North America and have the flexibility to address a comprehensive range of issues across Dell's product line.

This all started back in May last year when Dell asked for feedback on how we could improve service to our customers. From that feedback three clear ideas emerged:

The Premium service that Dell will offer is most closely related to the Hello Again dedicated team idea. But our teams built this program based on a lot of the feedback we got from discussions in IdeaStorm. Comments like these from jorge, glent, and claypidgeon are all a sample of what I'm talking about.

Based on the strong feedback we received in IdeaStorm and beyond,  we kicked off a pilot program for customers in New York City last year. The feedback from that program was strongly positive—customers who were part of the pilot rated the service they received as 91% positive. Many of those customers appreciated the results they got from the team-based approach, and just about all the customers we supported during the process urged us to make it a permanent offering and to broaden it to more customers. That's what we're working to do.

Dell's goal with this forthcoming fee-based service is to provide customers with a team of people focused on resolving the issues that you encounter with your Dell systems and peripherals. Stay tuned for more details in the next several weeks.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca