Where we are with the Dell Venue Pro

Doesn't take long in the #dellvenuepro tweetstream to see that potential Venue Pro customers are waiting for us to share official details.

We are currently ramping production so that we can launch the Venue Pro on a bigger scale. Bottom line, Dell wants to be sure when you place an order that we can ship your Venue Pro in a timely manner. Like Bill mentioned before, initially, we plan to offer it to customers in the United States via T-Mobile.

I've also seen the chatter about the Windows Phone 7 and micro SD cards. Here's what I can make clear right now. Dell will only support the micro SD card configuration that you order. If you remove the micro SD card, your Venue Pro will not work. This is because the part of the Windows Phone 7 OS is installed on the card. Another reason: there is not an eject mechanism in the micro SD slot. It was not designed to be user-accessible.

I've also seen tweets from folks like @Nabiscuit reporting issues with the headphone jack. I've asked our teams to look into this. Another thing our teams are looking into are the camera settings not being saved.   

I know many of you have been waiting for more details. Folks here definitely appreciate the interest. We’ll work with our teams to share more Venue Pro details here on Direct2Dell and via the #dellvenuepro hashtag.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca