Working Together to Eliminate E-waste

Dell is proud to continue leading the journey to eliminate e-waste and empower our customers to join in the effort— not just on International E-Waste Day, but every day.
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October 14, 2020 was International E-Waste Day, created to promote awareness and the correct disposal of e-waste throughout the world.

Dell Technologies has been firmly committed to environmental stewardship for more than two decades, leading the drive to reduce e-waste. Our efforts began with the 1996 debut of our Asset Resale & Recycling Services for businesses. In 2004, we launched Dell Reconnect, a consumer recycling partnership with Goodwill, and in 2014, we began reusing plastics collected from recycled systems to make new products. To date, we’ve recovered more than 2.1 billion pounds of e-waste, and used more than 100 million pounds of sustainable material in our products.

One of our most innovative accomplishments to date has been a collaboration with Teleplan and Seagate to recover rare-earth magnets from out-of-use hard drives and processed for reuse. Not only is this precious resource being incorporated into new Dell hard drives, but these magnets can be used for general IT purposes and even applications in other industries. Nine years ago, less than 1% of these rare-earth metals were being recycled — today this ground-breaking partnership is helping advance rare-earth oxide recovery and market access as a whole. This project has also been recognized by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency with a 2019 Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Electronic Challenge Award.

Our leadership in this space continues to develop. Almost one year ago we unveiled our Progress Made Real 2030 goals, which outline our commitment to leveraging our technology, scale and partnerships to drive measurable change on some of societies biggest challenges. Advancing sustainability is a key pillar of this plan, and our sustainability goals for the next ten years are substantial, though none as aspirational as our moonshot goal:

How You Can Help

In 2019, only 17.4% of the 53.6 million metric tons of e-waste generated was recycled properly. There is clearly a need to increase awareness and opportunities for people to recycle, so in addition to our own efforts, Dell is making it easier for our customers to step up and play a part. We provide a variety of recycling options for individuals and businesses. Here’s how you can participate:

Options for Our Consumer Customers

  • Global Mail Back: Consumers around the world can mail in their used electronics – all brands in any condition – and Dell Technologies will responsibly recycle them for free. Customers simply print a prepaid shipping label, box up their items, and drop them off at a local mailing center or call to schedule a home pick-up.
  • Dell Reconnect (US Only): Customers in the United States can drop off unwanted electronics – any brand in any condition – at one of over 2,000 participating Goodwill locations, and Dell Technologies will recycle them for free. This partnership provides responsible computer disposal and a receipt for tax purposes while supporting Goodwill’s mission to put people to work.
  • Trade-In & Recycling (US Only): Consumers in the United States can trade in their old electronics – all brands in any condition – for free with Dell Technologies. If the device has monetary value and can be resold, we give the customer a gift card of equivalent value toward their next Dell purchase.
  • Dell Carry-In Service Providers: Dell’s global network of Carry-In Service Centers provide another convenient option for recycling. Simply locate your closest provider using the link here, and drop off your system. Standard service hours are local business hours, available 5 days per week, excluding local national holidays.
  • WEEE: Dell participates in various Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) government programs worldwide; tap the WEEE link above to access a list of resources organized by region.

Options for Our Business Customers

  • Asset Resale & Recycling Services: Provides commercial customers responsible asset management for retired technology – handling pick-up logistics, data sanitization, resale for value back, and responsible recycling of any brand of owned or leased hardware – plus detailed reporting of each system’s journey from collection to final disposition.
  • Tech Refresh & Recycle: Offers commercial customers a way to trade in old storage, data protection and hyper-converged/converged products. These assets are evaluated for potential credit to apply towards new purchase and then refurbished or responsibly disposed of at no cost to the customer.
  • Dell Financial Services: Payment and consumption solutions for IT procurement to help commercial customers reduce their environmental impact, update their technology and save money, too. We help refurbish hardware at the end of the term, re-market it after data sanitization or recycle it in a secure and environmentally responsible manner.
  • Printer Supplies Recycling: Businesses can mail empty ink and toner cartridges to Dell Technologies, and we will properly recycle them. Customers can pack up to 300 ink cartridges or 20 toner cartridges per box, print mailing labels and ship them to us. Or for larger quantities, we offer bulk recycling with onsite pickup of toner pallets that weigh less than 330 pounds (150kg).

Dell is proud to continue leading the journey to eliminate e-waste and empower our customers to join in the effort— not just on International E-Waste Day, but every day. To get started right now, visit here.

About the Author: Cris Villanueva

An 18-year Dell veteran, Cris brings vast experience from her Dell deployment services leadership roles as well as her government affairs background. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Government from the University of Texas and worked in government affairs at Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority prior to joining Dell. Cris brings renewed energy and enthusiasm to the GTB team emphasizing customer service, employee development, and innovative transformation. Outside of work, Cris stays busy with family activities with her husband Manuel, two children, and two rescue dogs.
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