XPS 420: CableCard Tuner Now Available in the United States

Sorry I'm just getting to this topic now… I know a few of you have been waiting for more detail.

Last week, Direct2Dell reader Jon mentioned the recent PC Magazine article about CableCard support in the PC industry. Lots of Direct2Dell readers like Nick, Shaun Rowland and others have been asking when we would offer the digital cable TV tuner card on the XPS 420, and several others like them and Jon (glad to see your purchased the system now that we added digital cable support, Jon.) and Mike commented  that we added it to the configurator on Dell.com on Friday last week.

Back when we supported digital cable tuner on the XPS 410, we only offered it on a single configuration. On the XPS 420, it is a base option on the system. If you look at the XPS 420 configurator page, and click on the TV Tuner and Video Xcelerator section, you will see a page similar to this one. The digital cable tuner options are the bottom two.

As most of you who are interested in PC support for CabelCard probably already know, there are a few reasons why CableCard support for PCs is more complex than installing a high-def TV tuner card that allows you to watch over-the-air high definition broadcasts on a PC. Jim Clardy. who is our digital home strategy technologist in the Office of the CTO  describes some of those complexities on page 2 of the PC Magazine article I referenced earlier.

I'll see if I can get Jim (or others on the team) to blog more about this topic in the future.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca