XPS M1530: Like the M1330 But Bigger

Today, the XPS M1530 is available for order worldwide. It features all of the design elements that have made the XPS M1330 a success, but it also brings a larger 15.4" display and a more powerful graphics card option—NVIDIA's 8600M GT with 256MB RAM with Direct X 10 support. Initially, the 15.4" display will support WXGA resolution, or 1280 x 800. 

Update: 12/21—Today, we began offering higher resolution display options to customers in the United States. In addition to the original 1280 x 800, display, customers can now choose 1440 x 900, or the WSXGA+ panel that is capable of  a maximum resolution of 1680 x 1050.


I've received e-mails and comments from customers requesting a 15" XPS notebook, and user lilredfoxie submitted an idea called 15.4 size XPS system on IdeaStorm. The XPS M1530 inludes standard features like an integrated webcam, touch-sensitive multimedia controls, a travel slot remote, brushed aluminum accents and a fingerprint reader.We'll offer a slot-loading Blu-ray disc player option (something we don't yet offer on the XPS M1330), and the system also features an HDMI output. Like most other other Inspiron and XPS notebooks, the XPS M1530 can be outfitted with built-in mobile broadband, with a choice of carriers.

Here's a picture that compares the M1330 (on top) with the M1530 (on bottom):

In this vlog, Mike Horn from the XPS Product Team discusses the features in more detail.

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