Your Dell Community Platform is Upgrading

We are upgrading your Dell Community platform globally August 23rd.  

Dell started this interactive community journey with you over seven years ago and we’ve gone beyond traditional product announcements and whitepapers to authentic discussions every day.   These discussions come in many forms such as forum question and answers, corporate blogs, wiki articles and how-to videos on and off the Dell Community.  Every day 1000’s of comments are keeping the conversations engaging and interactive.  These conversations are about customer to customer interactions and people collaborating and helping one another.  Thank you for your participation and sharing insights, solutions and knowledge every day.  

The Dell Community platform partners with Telligent and this upgrade improves the online community experience and enables more social collaboration features.  There are several widget improvements to enable Dell group owners to further personalize group pages based on topics of interest and area of expertise.

The search user interface updates make it easier to find relevant solutions and content –especially in the Dell Community groups.  For example, try the Dell TechCenter Community for the latest in Storage solutions, reading about the blog about bringing technology and innovators together or seeking support on existing products.   The support forums is one of the communities you can interact with the Dell Rockstars and Dell Liaisons.


The community has always encouraged sharing solutions and articles.  This upgrade is enabling even more social features to make it easier to share, find and connect.  Examples include hash tags and likes that can help join relevant content within posts to similar post search results.


As we perform this upgrade the site will be read only for a short period of time from August 21st through August 23rd.  Banners and other notices will be posted to help inform users of this transition period. 

The Community platform is only part of the knowledge sharing solution.  Your participation and engagement is important.  Thanks for keeping the community conversations interactive. 

About the Author: David Horwedel