Get a more unified multicloud experience with technology you trust

    • Multicloud by Design

      Experience multicloud by design

      Organizations love the agility and efficient service delivery of the cloud operating model. However, managing multiple incompatible public clouds in a siloed multicloud environment can be complex, with dispersed workloads and data making it difficult to mitigate risk, maximize performance, modernize applications, and control costs.

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      lower 3-year cost of operations*

      To overcome the complexities of multicloud by default, Dell APEX delivers multicloud by design, empowering you to optimize the placement of data and workloads for maximum value within your organization. We collaborate with public cloud providers to simplify operations across your multicloud landscape. And we bring the agility of the cloud operating model to you – across our broad portfolio – with modern consumption experiences, such as as-a-Service and pay-as-you-go subscriptions, to help reduce costs and free up your IT teams to accelerate innovation.

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      lower 3-year cost of operations*

    • Bring together the best of both worlds

      • Ground to cloud

        Deploy best-of-breed Dell software in the public clouds

        Organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the growing amount of data they have in public clouds, and many are concerned about its security and protection. Dell Technologies offers storage, data protection, and cyber recovery services in public clouds to provide peace of mind.

        The Dell APEX multicloud by design approach leverages a ground-to-cloud strategy that brings familiar best-of-breed software from on-premises Dell infrastructure to the public clouds. As a result, your IT teams can leverage the same enterprise-grade functionality, performance, and resiliency they already trust on-premises in a public cloud, using the same management software. This enhances data mobility and operational consistency across environments, boosting your IT teams' efficiency by extending their skill sets further with no additional training required.

      • Storage

      • Cyber and Data Protection

      • “When I saw the speed of deployment, simplified administration and broad capabilities of Dell APEX Backup Services, it was a no brainer for me.”

        Spyros Psarras, IT Manager, Philosofish
      • cloud to ground

        Extend modern cloud software to on-premises environments

        Public clouds require either cloud-native application development or legacy application re-architecture for each environment due to their unique infrastructure and APIs. Multicloud by design comprises a cloud-to-ground strategy that addresses these challenges by extending and optimizing the cloud experience of leading public cloud software and container orchestration distributions to on-premises environments.

        Dell APEX cloud platforms enable IT to run production cloud workloads on-premises to help keep applications and data more secure, compliant, and optimized for performance. Application teams can deploy an agile, developer-friendly platform for containerized workloads, enabling them to "build once and deploy anywhere" using the software they prefer in the environment of their choice. This enhances workload agility and empowers unrestrained software innovation, regardless of where applications and data live.

      • Cloud Platforms

      • “We’ve completely eliminated our capital costs. Instead, we pay operational expenses based on what we actually use, similar to the public cloud.”

        Tahir Ali, CTO and CISO, Montage Health

      Align costs with usage through a pay-per-use model

      With traditional procurement models, forecasting future workloads is challenging and can result in over- or under-provisioning, leading to wasted resources or unwanted downtime.

      Dell APEX pay-per-use subscriptions help you align costs with actual use by pre-deploying buffer capacity to help reduce the cost of over-provisioning and the risk of under-provisioning. You can elastically scale capacity up and down within the buffer, paying only for the capacity you use at one consistent rate with no overage fees.

      Dell APEX lets you create your own on-demand environment. You can implement a pay-per-use subscription on the Dell infrastructure product of your choice or create a usage-based managed utility ecosystem. These options are available through Dell and our global partner community and cover all infrastructure offerings.

      • Productivity

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        more efficient IT infrastructure staff*
      • Business acceleration

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        faster time to deploy new IT resources*
      • Digital resilience

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        reduction of unplanned outages per year*
    • “With Dell APEX Flex on Demand, we’re as agile and cost-effective as any cloud solution, but without the concerns over data residency.”

      Jordan Reinhardt, Director of Information Services, RelateCare
    • vision

      Unlock the full potential of multicloud

      With Dell APEX, customers can take advantage of leading Dell Technologies innovations faster and easier. By adopting an outcome-focused approach, IT organizations can free up their teams to focus on strategic imperatives, eliminating needless complexity, inefficiency, and cost. Our aim is to create a future where organizations can easily deploy the technology they need, wherever they need it, to achieve better outcomes. This simple yet powerful vision guides us on our journey, and we are well on our way.

      Dell Technologies is uniquely positioned in the multicloud and data era because of our vendor neutrality, breadth of portfolio, enterprise scale, and supply chain leadership. Through our multicloud partner ecosystem and global services, we can bring unmatched time-to-value to organizations around the world.

      • Simplicity

        Take advantage of cloud experiences everywhere

        Choice: Achieve better outcomes
        Consistency: Simplify IT operations
        Freedom: Avoid vendor lock-in

      • Agility

        React quickly to capture new growth opportunities

        Adaptability: Align technology with needs
        Flexibility: Deploy resources in more ways
        Predictability: Pay-as-a-go transparency

      • Control

        Minimize risk and maximize performance on your terms

        Security: Protect against cyber attacks
        Governance: Ease compliance obligations
        Performance: Achieve the speed you need

    • Get started

      Get started today – the Dell APEX way

      Leverage the power of multicloud by design to simplify your cloud experiences with technology you trust. Many of our customers have already unlocked the full promise of multicloud and gained a competitive advantage. You can easily get started on your multicloud by design journey today through the Dell APEX Console. You can discover a range of available offers, configure subscriptions to meet business needs, and more. Your account team can provide you with full access to the console and demonstrate the ease of the Dell APEX modern cloud and consumption  experience. Meanwhile, you can take the virtual tour to learn more about what it can do for you.

      Take the first step toward a more unified multicloud experience with Dell APEX.

    • * Based on an IDC White Paper commissioned by Dell Technologies and Intel: The Business Value of APEX as-a-Service Solutions, August 2021. Estimates based on survey of 17 organizations using APEX as-a-Service Solutions, aggregated and combined into a composite organization. Actual results may vary. Read report.