BCB Medical

    • Adaptable IT that flexes with the needs of the business

      BCB Medical places great importance on the ability for IT to scale up and down on-demand. Healthcare data needs to be secure, under control and compliant with government regulations. The solution must be highly effective, provide access to cutting-edge IT and offer cloud-like simplicity and predictability for ease of planning.

      • We’d been waiting years for a solution such as APEX Flex on Demand to become available.

        Mika Vuokko, Chief Information Officer, BCB Medical
    • Prioritizing scalability and efficiency

      With APEX Flex on Demand, BCB Medical reduces management time and costs for system updates by 20%. It also deploys new software 20% faster and delivers cost predictability and ease of planning.

    • On-demand agility for new insights

      BCB Medical chose APEX Flex on Demand to make its healthcare data analytics infrastructure more agile while being simple to control. Not only did the company’s IT gain a new flexibility, but the solution was 30% less costly than a public cloud.

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      • Integrations

      • APEX Flex on Demand for HCI
        APEX Flex on Demand scales quickly to enable flexibility by providing access to ready buffer capacity.