Turning data into speed

    • CustomerMcLaren Racing


      LocationUnited Kingdom

    • Vision

      In the high-tech and highly-competitive world of Formula One, McLaren Racing must rely on technology that allows them to instantly – and endlessly – adapt and evolve as they turn data into speed.

    • Solution

      In order to effectively and efficiently analyze billons of different data points daily, McLaren Racing utilizes a wide range of Dell high performance computing technology from PowerScale Storage to PowerEdge Servers and Precision mobile workstations.

    • Impact

      Powered by the latest cutting-edge technology solutions, McLaren Racing is able to make informed decisions in real-time, allowing them to make necessary upgrades to their cars an average of every 17 minutes.

    • Zak Brown, CEO, McLaren Racing

      “We're in a data and speed competition and it's great partners like Dell Technologies that help us go faster.”


    • Business Results

    • See how McLaren Racing uses Dell products to turn data into performance and speed

    • See what makes Precision mobile workstations an integral part of the McLaren Racing team

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      Evolving in an instant

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