• A prescription for flexible IT with no CapEx

      RelateCare is a joint venture between Cleveland Clinic in the U.S. and Rigneydolphin in Ireland. It combines Cleveland Clinic’s healthcare expertise and Rigneydolphin’s experience in contact-centre management to provide patient communication services to hospitals worldwide, including 3 of the top 10 in the U.S.

      RelateCare constantly challenges IT partner Arkphire to improve service delivery. To help the company onboard customers faster and drive service development whilst ensuring the compliance of healthcare data, Arkphire leveraged Dell Technologies APEX Flex on Demand. 

    • With APEX Flex on Demand we’re as flexible and cost effective as any cloud solution, but without the concerns over data residency.

      Jordan Reinhardt Director of Information Services, RelateCare
    • Avoid the burden of hardware CapEx costs

      The beauty of APEX Flex on Demand through Dell Financial Services was that it gave RelateCare a cloud-style IT consumption model whilst ensuring data stayed on-premises. Arkphire deployed the latest hyperconverged infrastructure Dell EMC VxRail appliances at its data centre to serve RelateCare customers. 

      APEX Flex on Demand enabled RelateCare to onboard fast, using pre-positioned, highly cost-effective VxRail nodes to handle growth as well as sudden spikes in workloads. The solution created a buffer for those spikes, with RelateCare paying only when the buffer was used. Says Reinhardt, "It would allow us to achieve a lot without having the financial burden of paying for 5 years of server equipment in one instance."

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    • Customer: RelateCare
      Industry: Professional Services
      Location: United States and Ireland

      • Integrations

      • APEX Flex on Demand

        Pay only for the technology you need – while providing access to ready buffer capacity – with payments that adjust up or down to match usage.**

      • Dell EMC VxRail

        Accomplish complex workloads with ease and agility. Scale as needs expand. Operate more efficiently.

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