Dell CES 2022 Press Kit


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      We are excited to provide you with the latest and greatest on our upcoming CES 2022 announcements. Here you will be able to preview new solutions for gaming, creation and work, and learn about Dell’s concept visions for sustainability, seamless work experiences, and gaming.

      Media Contact: DellCES2022@axicom.com

      • Announcements

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        Alienware Explores the Evolution of eGPUs with Concept Polaris

        Concept Polaris takes everything we learned about the Alienware Graphics Amplifier from our teams, customers and our community to improve upon that past innovation.

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        XPS 13 Reinvents Itself, Embracing Simplicity as the New Premium

        Introducing XPS 13 Plus and a new UltraSharp monitor that takes collaboration and visual experiences up a notch.

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        Alienware Smashes Space-Time Boundaries with Concept Nyx

        Concept Nyx is a concept solution to provide multiple gamers in a household with easy and flexible access to their full library and to quickly launch games wherever they want in the home.

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        Pushing the Boundaries of Sustainable PC design - Concept Luna

        Concept Luna explores revolutionary design ideas to make components immediately accessible, replaceable and reusable—reducing resource use and keeping even more circular materials in the economy.

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        Dell’s Latest Concepts for Seamless Work Experiences

        Seamless transitions between devices and locations will set the foundation for great hybrid work experiences.