• Policies, Positions and Guidelines

    In our vision to deliver a better tomorrow, it is the policies, positions and guidelines we establish that shape how we engage with our employees, communities, environment and more.

    • Code of Conduct

      “How We Win” sets forth expectations for our workforce on how to behave ethically and in compliance with the letter and spirit of applicable laws where we work and serve.

    • Advocacy

      As we formulate our positions on policy-related issues and decide where and when to engage on matters of public interest, we engage our stakeholder groups: team members, customers, partners, communities, investors and policymakers.

    • Public Policy

      Dell embraces a policy of strict adherence to campaign finance laws and regulations that govern political contributions and the disclosure of those contributions.

    • Global Environmental Policy

      Our commitment to environmental responsibility starts with our operations, extends through our supply chain, and ultimately provides customers with the power to do more, sustainably.