• Dell PowerProtect DP Series Appliances


    Dell PowerProtect
    Data Manager Appliance

    Intel® Innovation Built-in
    • Simplify modern data protection.

      Modern. Secure. Simple. It's never been easier to keep your organization's data protected than with the Dell PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance.

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    • Features


      Experience modern data protection with an integrated appliance based on PowerProtect Data Manager.

      Easy to configure and manage, the PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance provides a unified user experience and automates discovery and protection of databases, VMs, file systems and Kubernetes containers.

      Orchestrate protection directly through an intuitive interface and secure data with the latest capabilities for operational and cyber resilience. Empower data owners to perform self-service backup and restore operations from their native applications with central governance and oversight.

      Be confident that your data is secure and available with the simplified experience of PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance.



    Max Throughput
    Logical Capacity***
    Logical Capacity with Cloud Tier
    Usable Capacity
    Usable Capacity with Cloud Tier
    Up to 14.1PB
    Up to 42.2PB
    12TB - 256TB
    Up to 768TB
      • *Logical capacity based on up to 55x deduplication. Actual capacity & throughput depends on application workload, deduplication, and other settings.

    • Awards & Reviews

      Start your journey towards modern data protection

      "The Dell PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance ticks all the boxes for delivering solid data protection." 

    • Based on a Principled Technologies paper commissioned by Dell comparing Dell PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance vs competitive data protection solutions, November 2022. Actual results may vary.

PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance

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