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    Open RAN

    Learn about the benefits of Open RAN and how Dell can help.

    • Accelerate your Open RAN transformation

      We are leading a cross-industry initiative to bring technology together from the world's leading Open RAN vendors to help solve the most critical challenges our customers face today. Our validated solutions accelerate Open RAN deployments and unleash innovation to usher in a new era of 5G growth.

    • Providing flexibility and choice for RAN Layer 1 acceleration

      Open RAN is about providing choice and flexibility.

      Dell supports both inline and look-aside architectures for Layer 1 acceleration.

      The Dell Open RAN Accelerator Card is a PCIe card designed to process all Layer 1 functions inline, offloading these functions from the server CPU.

    • Powering next-gen connectivity

      We have collaborated with Intel® to support the 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors with Intel® vRAN Boost. These processors include fully integrated vRAN acceleration for 5G and 4G.

    • Accelerating Open RAN

      Discover the Dell and Intel partnership to streamline and simplify Open RAN.

    • Open RAN Resources

    • Accelerating the evolution to Open RAN networks

      This eGuide highlights the benefits and challenges of Open RAN and how the Dell Open RAN Accelerator Card can help CSPs overcome the challenges of early Open RAN deployments.

    • Accelerating Open RAN performance

      Overview of Open RAN and how the Dell Open RAN accelerator card increases performance with inline Layer 1 acceleration.

    • The Future is Open: An Introduction to Open RAN

      This eBook provides an overview of Open RAN and how Dell is helping CSPs with their Open RAN transformation.

    • Leveraging PowerEdge Servers for Open RAN Deployments

      See how our partnerships and our high-performance technology is shaping the future of Open RAN solutions

    • Using Open Virtual RANS in 5G: Operators' Perspectives and Economic Analysis

      ACG Research conducted independent interviews with mobile network operators, revealing their top factors in deciding whether and how to use open virtual RANs in their 5G deployments.

    • The Economic Benefits of Open RAN Technology

      Explore the factors facing mobile network operators face when deploying 5G RANs, in order to increase overall efficiency and continue to earn a positive return on investment.