• Future-Proof Program

    • Optimize your IT lifecycle with the Dell Technologies Future-Proof Program

      The Future-Proof Program is designed to help customers optimize the IT lifecycle of their Storage, Data Protection, HCI, Networking, and Server products through a series of offers, assurances, and guarantees. Future-Proof provides support from beginning to end by guaranteeing outcomes, maximizing investments, and helping customers navigate IT futures. This program enables customers to focus on critical business needs while Dell Technologies handles the rest.

    • The Future-Proof Program alleviates concerns associated with IT acquisition and operations. Watch ESG Practice Director Scott Sinclair illustrate how IT departments can benefit from Dell’s offers, assurances, and guarantees.

    • Designed to maximize your investments across Dell Technologies storage, data protection, HCI and networking solutions, the Future-Proof Program offers guaranteed outcomes as you navigate your IT future.

    • Focus on business-critical needs while Dell’s Future-Proof Program provides advantages throughout the lifecycle of your IT. Read ESG’s showcase to see how the elements of the program simplify operations.

    • Future-Proof delivers customer advantages

      The Future-Proof Program is designed to maximize investments, with a set of world class technology capabilities, to deliver customer value across Dell Technologies, Storage, Data Protection, HCI, Networking, and Server solutions.

    • Three-Year Satisfaction Guarantee

      With the purchase of a three-year ProSupport agreement, Dell Technologies guarantees three-years of storage, data protection, HCI, & networking product satisfaction, while the industry standard is 30-days. 1

    • CloudIQ

      CloudIQ combines proactive monitoring, machine learning and predictive analytics so you can take quick action and simplify operations of your on-premises infrastructure and data protection in the cloud. 2

    • All-Inclusive Software

      Everything you need to store and manage your critical data is included with your Dell storage, HCI, & networking purchase. 3

    • Flexible Payment Solutions

      Dell Technologies provides flexible on-demand consumption models for IT infrastructure delivered by Dell Financial Services (DFS). 4

    • Storage Data Reduction

      Dell Technologies provides guaranteed storage data reduction rates for your workloads. 5

    • Never-Worry Data Migration

      It’s always easy to move to Dell Technologies next generation Storage & HCI solutions with seamless upgrades and built-in data migration tools. 6

    • Tech Refresh & Recycle

      Keep pace with business growth and needs while recycling legacy storage equipment at no additional cost. 7

    • Data Protection Deduplication

      Use recommended best practices from Dell Technologies to get up to 55x data reduction guaranteed for data protection appliances. 8

    • Clear price

      Clear Price provides fair and transparent support price guidance for storage, data protection, and hyper-converged products. 9

    • Anytime Upgrade

      Anytime Upgrade

      Flexible upgrade options, beyond just a next-gen controller swap. Upgrades that can be done anytime in contract as opposed to waiting three years or more and no renewal required when the upgrade is performed. 10