• ProDeploy Infrastructure Suite



    • Versatile services to maximize technology on day one

      Your organization is ready for the next step in IT transformation and excited about the full potential of new enterprise devices.  But maximizing technology on day one takes the right training, insights and expertise.

      ProDeploy Enterprise Suite is here to help, with the right fit to accelerate your infrastructure deployment up to 4 times faster* from planning through implementation and beyond.

    • Key Benefits

      • Accelerate your IT Transformation with deployment designed for you
      • Access to consistent single-source expertise
      • 82% less project planning time
      • Deployment in 121 countries

    • Customer Journey

      Excited about new technology but unsure how to implement and optimize? Take a look at this customer journey to see how we can help.

    • ProDeploy Infrastructure Suite Details


      The markets most complete enterprise deployment offer

      • Onsite or in-region Dell Technologies certified engineers
      • Technology Service Manager engagement for ProSupport Plus entitlement
      • 30-days of post-deployment configuration assistance
      • Project documentation with knowledge transfer
      • Training credits for Dell Technologies Education Services
      • Minimal disruption to ongoing projects

      Fast and flexible choices for onsite or remote installation

      • Implementation planning
      • On-site install of hardware
      • Remote install and configure system software
      • Full project documentation with knowledge transfer
      • 24x7 deployment services
      • Single point of Project Management

      Consistent hardware installation by experienced technicians

      • Consistent hardware installation during business hour
      • Industry best practice for hardware installation
      • Packaging material disposal
    • Additional Deployment Time

      Extended your deployment assistance

      • 4 hour remote or 8 hour segments to assist in specific needs
      • Plan ahead for additional scope on deployment projects now or in the near future.
      • Prepare for the unexpected and provide greater flexibility during deployment.
      • Fit a custom deployment need into your project.

      Heighten the power of your investment

      • Accelerate time to production of Data Protection solutions
      • Expertly pair Data Protection solutions to your unique environment
      • Deliver purpose-driven functionality across the most common backup use cases
    • Data Sanitization for Enterprise Data Destruction for Enterprise

      Secure data on returned, replaced or redeployed systems

      • Mitigate Risk: data on legacy systems is secured from unauthorized access​
      • Enable Compliance with industry and business standards
    • Our partnership with Dell has not only removed the restrictions we had, but it’s also given us opportunities. Our Directors can now take the business into exciting new realms.


      Valuable resources, insights and information.

    • Get more starting on day one

      62% of organizations lack IT skills to realize full potential of technology purchases. Maximize the value of your new technology faster with ProDeploy Enterprise

    • ProDeploy Enterprise Suite Brochure

      Services designed to complement your business model whether you have an experienced IT staff or no staff at all. The right assistance to fit your evolving needs.

    • A Principled Technologies report: Hands-on testing. Real-world results

      Principled Technologies worked with Dell Technologies comparing deployment times. Their in-house admin vs. Dell Technologies-certified engineer separately set up the same solution. See the details and compare the times of each team.