• Extended Technologies Complete

    Industry-leading, trusted partner solutions help you optimize and complete your Dell Technologies infrastructure

    • Extended Technologies Complete (ETC) delivers comprehensive, industry-leading, best-of-breed partner solutions that complement Dell Technologies servers, storage, and networking. 

    • Strategic Partners

    • APC_by_Schneider_Electric

      APC by Schneider Electric

      APC by Schneider Electric is a leader in integrated physical infrastructure and software.

    • NVIDIA


      NVIDIA builds end-to-end AI and data science solutions and frameworks that enable every enterprise to realize their AI-fueled ambitions.

    • Progress Software

      Progress is a global software company with a mission to provide the best products to develop, deploy and manage critical business applications.

    • Ruckus

      CommScope RUCKUS delivers converged wired and wireless enterprise networks that simplify life for IT and enable exceptional user experiences.

    • SonicWall


      SonicWall fights cybercriminals with real-time breach detection and prevention solutions, including next-gen firewalls and cloud security.

    • Superna

      Superna delivers data center software solutions and certifications for security, disaster recovery and root cause analytics for file storage systems.

    • Thales

      Thales data-centric approach to security offers comprehensive and advanced data security across devices, processes, platforms and environments.

    • Vertiv

      Vertiv designs, builds and services critical infrastructure for data centers, communication networks, and commercial & industrial facilities.    

    • Virtana

      Virtana guarantees performance and availability of their mission-critical applications and IT infrastructure with real-time monitoring and AIOps platform.    

    • Core Partners

    • Adtran

      Adtran’s Ensemble product suite is a powerful carrier-class, analytics-driven orchestration solution for virtualizing networks.

    • Amulet Hotkey

      Amulet Hotkey provides complete centralized computing solutions for mission-critical environments, from the data center to the desktop.  Amulet Hotkey designs custom configurations on PowerEdge servers, including dense GPU, passive thermal architectures, and accelerated remote workstations.

    • Augtera

      Augtera is for game-altering AI and machine learning that acts as a launchpad for your people, your ideas and your enterprise. The unique ability to analyze every signal from every source reveals entirely new patterns and insights ready for action.

    • Continuity Software

      StorageGuard – by Continuity – enables Dell customers to get complete visibility of all storage & backup security risks and harden their storage infrastructure, to withstand ransomware. StorageGuard also ensures compliance with industry and regulatory best practices.

    • Cool IT

      As an experienced innovator with over 60 patents and more than four million liquid cooling units deployed, CoolIT Systems is the leading liquid cooling solution provider for HPC, Cloud and Enterprise markets worldwide

    • CloudSoda

      CloudSoda is a next generation data management software application that allows for easy delivery in the cloud or on-prem, enabling accelerated data movement anywhere in the world, and providing real-time cost of storing unstructured data across a customer’s ecosystem.

    • Datadobi

      Datadobi’s enterprise-class software allows transitions to Dell storage quickly and safely protecting unstructured data on NAS or cloud.

    • Druva

      Druva offers a SaaS platform for data protection across data centers, cloud applications and endpoints. Securely back up and recover data with the scale and simplicity of the public cloud, and only pay for what you use, reducing your overall TCO.

    • Diskover Data

      Diskover Data is the next generation of DataIQ - it provides maximum detailed visibility and analysis into an organization’s information assets that are typically spread across the enterprise and in the cloud.

    • Eaton

      Eaton is an intelligent power management company improving the quality of life and focused on protecting the environment. With the acquisition of Tripp Lite, Eaton provides over 5,000 network, power, and connectivity solutions to maintain business continuity and prevent downtime.

    • F5

      Whether it’s apps that help connect businesses to their customers or apps that help employees do their jobs, F5 helps deliver and secure extraordinary digital experiences.

    • Fortinet

      Fortinet solutions deliver security without compromise to address the most critical security challenges, whether in networked, application, cloud or mobile environments.

    • Faction

      Faction is a leading Multicloud platform-as-a-service provider offering unmatched hybrid & Multicloud environments.

    • Interlock Technology

      Interlock is a full-service migration company that specializes in multi-protocol migrations from multiple sources with large CAS installations.

    • Kalray

      Kalray is a leading provider of hardware and software technologies and solutions for high performance, data centric computing markets, from cloud to edge.

    • Owl Cyber Defense

      Owl Cyber Defense hardware-enforced data diode cybersecurity products provide seamless data availability, unhackable security, and a secure and reliable solution for isolating critical data from ransomware and destructive attacks.

    • Palo Alto Networks

      The Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform combines network and cloud security with threat intelligence and accurate analytics.

    • ProLion

      ProLion develops powerful data protection solutions that safeguard critical file storage on premise or in the cloud - from ransomware protection that detects threats in real time, to data transparency.

    • Rockport Networks

      Rockport network fabrics provide a distributed, direct-interconnect solution enabling performance at scale for compute-intensive AI/ML and HPC workloads.

    • Starburst Data

      Starburst is a leading provider of a fast and efficient distributed query engine for data warehouse, lake, and mesh solutions. Starburst runs on top of Dell PowerEdge and leverages ECS Object Storage to make data instantly available for analytics.

    • Spectra Logic

      Spectra Logic addresses the enterprise tape needs of Dell customers, bolstering Dell ability to provide the complete backup and archive solution.

    • Versa

      Versa Networks, the SASE leader, combines extensive security, advanced networking, full-featured SD-WAN, genuine multitenancy, and sophisticated analytics via the cloud, on-premises, or a combination of both.

    • Vcinity

      Vcinity solves challenges with the growth of unstructured data and dispersed data sets at the Edge and in Hybrid/Multicloud, Analytics and GenAI architectures. Regardless of distance, volume, or network capacity, Vcinity moves data and/or enables the remote access of data at unprecedented speeds.

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