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240Hz Monitors

Gain every advantage with a 240Hz monitor

When every millisecond counts and sharper gameplay is the key to victory, a 240Hz monitor gives you the upper hand. A higher number of hertz means that users get a higher number of images per second, offering a smoother imaging experience. A faster refresh rate minimizes input lag and delivers vibrant visuals with no screen tearing. And quicker IPS enables 1 ms gray-to-gray to eliminate blur so you can see the field more clearly.

Alienware Gaming monitors provide blazing-fast 240Hz refresh rates. With iconic design, optimized ventilation, and intense color coverage from any angle, Alienware 240Hz monitors offer a seamless gaming experience that delivers a competitive edge.

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Benefits of a 240Hz monitor

As a dedicated gamer, you want every advantage you can get. Clearer images and faster response times can be game-changers, and a 240Hz gaming monitor delivers both. Increasing the refresh rate – the number of times per second an image is refreshed – by 4x over 60Hz monitors, a 240Hz display produces a smoother, more fluid appearance while enabling faster reaction times in competitive multiplayer environments.

Fast reaction times
240Hz monitors allow gamers to spot and track targets more easily and react more quickly. This is critical for gamers that want a smoother display and a more fluid gaming experience. In gaming, seconds can make a critical difference.

Sharp images
A higher refresh rate reduces the blur of moving images on the monitor. A refresh rate refers to the number of times per second that a display “refreshes” its image. Gamers can notice and benefit from a higher monitor refresh rate, and your brain will perceive the image as “sharper” and less blurry.

Eliminate screen tearing
Screen tearing happens when a video card produces images at a frame rate that is beyond the refresh rate of the monitor. The result is a screen that appears to show images from multiple frames, with an obvious split. The faster refresh rate of a 240Hz monitor addresses this issue.

Reduce input lag
Refresh rates can also have a huge impact on input lag. A 240Hz monitor has a lag that is half of a 120Hz monitor, and one-quarter of a 60Hz display.

240Hz monitors from Dell


Available in various screen options to offer gamers the best monitor size for gaming – Alienware Gaming Monitors deliver 240Hz refresh rates and true 1 ms response times for smooth, effortless gameplay. Features include:

• LED Edgelight LCD monitor
• Fast In-Plane Switching (IPS)
• Native resolution: 1920 X 1080 at 240Hz
• Contrast ratio: 1000:1 (typical)
• Color support: 16.78 million colors
• Response time: true 1 ms (gray to gray)
• Compatibility with AMD FreeSync™ and NVIDIA® G-SYNC®

Why choose Dell for gaming?

Why choose Dell for gaming?

An unyielding commitment to quality and to delivering customer satisfaction has made Dell a leading global monitor brand.

Quality you can count on
With Dell Premium Panel Exchange, we’ll provide a free panel replacement for your 240Hz monitor during the Limited Hardware Warranty – even if only a single bright pixel is found.

Premium support
Premium support includes 24x7 support for setup, configuration, downloads and drivers, and troubleshooting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 240Hz monitor?
A 240Hz monitor is a computer display where images on the screen are refreshed 240 times per second.Dell and Alienware have a range of 240hz monitors that can help elevate your game play.

What are the benefits of a 240Hz monitor?
A faster refresh rate means that movement on the monitor will be more fluid. Visual imagery will have greater clarity and less blur, enabling faster response times for gamers.

Does 240Hz mean 240fps?
No. A 240Hz refresh rate is an attribute of a monitor – it refers to the number of times per second the display is refreshed. 240fps is an attribute of data being sent to the monitor – it refers to the number of frames per second produced by a computer’s video card.

Can you tell the difference between 144Hz and 240Hz?
The difference between a 240Hz and 144Hz monitor will not be as apparent as the difference between a 60Hz and 144Hz monitor. However, a 240Hz monitor can deliver a more immersive experience and produce a slight advantage in response times that can be critical in competitive esports. Therefore, so many gamers prefer a 240Hz monitor.

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