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Best Monitor Size for Gaming

What's the best monitor size for gaming?

The size of a computer display can significantly impact the quality of the gaming experience, which is why so many gamers spend a great deal of time determining the ideal monitor size. The best monitor size for gaming depends on several factors: screen resolution, distance from the screen, types of games played, and available space. These variables all factor into the ideal choice of a gaming display.

Dell offers a wide range of gaming displays in sizes ranging up to 24 inches and higher, allowing players to choose the best monitor size for gaming at any level.

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What to consider when determining the best monitor size for you

When choosing the best monitor size for gaming, there are some factors to consider:

Screen resolution
The resolution of a display is perhaps the most significant consideration in determining the best monitor size for your gaming. It all comes down to pixels per inch (or PPI). Screens with higher PPI will deliver clear images and richer visuals, while screens with lower PPI will feel more pixilated. 1080p is best suited to 24-inch screens, while 1440p is ideal for 27-inch monitors.
A 4K gaming monitor with a horizontal display resolution of roughly 4000 pixels is great for larger screens, such as 32-inch monitors.

Distance from screen
24-inch monitors are best if you are sitting less than 3 feet from the screen, while 27-inch displays work best when sitting 3 to 4 feet away. Sitting closer will result in more difficulty processing everything that's happening on-screen. 32-inch screens are suitable for a viewing distance of roughly 5 feet.

Available space
The best monitor size for gaming comes down to how much space for a display is available on your desk or wall. If you have a wall space that can allow for a massive monitor for the most immersive gaming experience possible, then there are many options available. However, you might prefer other monitors if you hope to purchase a monitor small enough to fit a specific workspace or desk.

Types of games
Shooting games require monitors with the fastest response time, typically found in smaller screens. For games with extraordinary visuals, the higher resolution of a large screen provides a more satisfactory viewing experience.

Gaming monitors from Dell

Dell Gaming Monitor

Dell gaming monitors are designed to meet the demands of today's gamers – from competitive gameplay to immersive gaming experiences. Our gaming monitors are designed to go well with the best PCs for gaming, offering a range of performance levels, resolutions, and screen sizes. The best gaming monitors from Dell make it easy to choose the right monitor size for your gaming PC setup.

Alienware Monitors

Alienware displays are high-performance gaming monitors that offer the best in speed and immersion for gamers who want the ultimate gaming experience. With iconic design, uncompromised performance, and premium quality, Alienware monitors are also available in sizes 24 inches and higher to provide every gamer with the ideal monitor size.

Dell Gaming Monitors
Dell gaming monitors are designed to deliver core essentials and the best value for casual and competitive gamers. With bold designs, incredible color coverage, fast refresh rates, and fantastic response times, Dell gaming monitors are available in a range of sizes that ensure every player can find the best monitor size for their gaming experience.

You'll find a wide range of additional options in gaming monitors from Dell, including OLED monitors and 4K 144Hz monitors, the best 4K gaming monitors for extraordinary visuals and blazing-fast speed.

Why gamers choose Dell

Gaming Monitor Choose

Dell is constantly producing new monitors designed to meet the demands of gaming today and tomorrow. We believe in creating well-designed monitors that can keep up gamers' performance.

Dell monitors are engineered with care and precision and backed by an exhaustive testing regimen along with guaranteed support.

Award-winning design
Dell gaming displays have received multiple awards and excellent reviews from publications, online portals, and consumers alike.

Easy replacement
Each monitor comes with a 3-year Advanced Exchange Service. If a replacement is necessary, it will be shipped the next business day during the 3-year Limited Hardware Warranty. Dell believes that the process to replace a monitor should be quick and hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best monitor size for gaming?
The best monitor size for gaming depends on the screen's resolution, the viewing distance, the type of games that are played, and the space available for a monitor. Screen sizes between 24 and 32 inches are typical, though some gaming monitors are as large as 55 inches and higher.

Is a 32-inch monitor too big for gaming?
No. A 32-inch monitor can provide an immersive gaming experience – if the resolution of the screen is 4K or higher.

What are the benefits of a large screen monitor for gaming?
A large screen can be great for gaming if the player can sit at the proper distance from the screen to avoid eye fatigue. Large screens also require higher resolution and computer hardware that can support it. Certain games that feature stunning visuals are often best rendered on larger screens.

How to choose a gaming monitor size?
When choosing a gaming monitor size, start with your anticipated distance from the screen. 24-inch monitors are best for distances of 3 feet or less. 27-inch displays work well for 3 to 4 feet. If you are interested in a larger gaming monitor, 32-inch screens work best when sitting about 5 feet away.
Next, choose a resolution based on the size of your screen and the types of games you play. Screens with higher resolution are great for games with stunning visuals, while shooter games that need split-second timing require monitors with a faster response time, which may mean choosing a screen with a lower resolution. The size of your screen will also affect resolution, and more specifically, pixels per inch or PPI. To achieve the ideal PPI of about 91, you'll need a higher resolution for larger screens.

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