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2U Servers

Adapt and scale to a demanding workload with a 2U server

When choosing a business server, a rackmount 2U server offers an ideal balance between size, performance, and cost. 2U servers are designed to be mounted in a standard server rack while providing optimal cooling, easy maintenance, and extra security. 2U servers also enable businesses to easily and affordably expand computing and storage resources as IT requirements evolve. As part of a small server rack, 2U servers can be deployed as a backup server, as scale-out infrastructure, for high-performance computing, and a variety of other use cases.

PowerEdge offers a complete portfolio of 1U, 2U, and 4U rack-mount servers that deliver high core density for traditional applications, virtualization, and cloud-native workloads.


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Advantages of a 2U server

2U servers occupy two units of a standard server rack. A 2U server offers several advantages.

Optimal computing and storage resources
A 2U rack server has a larger capacity for drives and expansion cards than a 1U server, improving the usability and capability of the device.

Better cooling
With more physical space for components, 2U rack servers offer improved airflow and more powerful cooling mechanisms to dissipate heat.

Rack servers from Dell Technologies


PowerEdge offers a complete portfolio of servers for a wide range of applications. PowerEdge servers provide end-to-end solutions that work together seamlessly, enabling businesses to handle workloads and workplaces that are increasingly complex.

The PowerEdge 2U rack server portfolio includes a variety of processor options:

  • 1-socket servers (supporting one processor) provide balanced performance and storage capacity for future growth.
  • 2-socket servers (supporting up to two processors) maximize performance, offer a mix of features, scale easily to meet future demand, and adapt to demanding workloads.
  • 4-socket servers (supporting up to four processors) offer extensive scalability and maximum performance for applications ranging from in-database workloads and HPC to AI, data analytics, and GPU database acceleration.

Versatility. Intuitive management. Built-in security.

PowerEdge 2U server technology provides significant benefits for data architects in businesses of every size.

Fast NVMe storage options, enhanced memory speeds, and BIOS tuning make it easy to match performance to workloads for ultimate efficiency.

Scalable architecture
Flexible internal storage and highly scalable architecture help to improve performance across a wide range of applications.

Intelligent automation
Automation and intelligent management tools help maximize uptime and reduce IT effort, minimizing the time required for routine maintenance.

Integrated security
Dell embeds security into a cyber-resilient architecture that provides comprehensive protection for a business’ data.

Flexible configuration
Dell 2U servers can be configured to an organization's specific requirements, enabling businesses to easily acquire a custom server.

Why choose Dell Technologies for your business?

Why choose Dell Technologies for your business

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All of our products are designed to provide secure, powerful, and reliable systems. Built with cutting edge technologies for maximum operational effectiveness, our products adapt and scale to your business needs.

Comprehensive IT solutions
Support the growth of your business with our IT Solutions. We provide a full portfolio or products that include support & services and on-site assistance. The fully supported and secure solutions are designed to help keep your data secure and your infrastructure strong.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 2U server?
A 2U server is a type of computer that provides compute and storage resources, and that occupies two units of a standard server rack or roughly 3.5 inches in height.

What are the benefits of a 2U server?
A 2U server can be less expensive to purchase and operate than a 1U server since a 1U device requires smaller and more compact electronics. The extra space provided by a 2U server makes cooling easier and provides more options for adding drives and expansion cards. A 2U server is also less expensive to house and operate in a colocation scenario than a 4U server.

Intel® Core™ Processors
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