Computer Vision AI Solutions

Computer Vision AI Solutions

Data-driven, actionable insights that drive your competitive advantage.

What is Computer Vision AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the science that programs machines to mimic human intelligence and cognitive functions, such as problem-solving and learning. Computer Vision is the field within artificial intelligence that enables computers and systems to derive meaningful information from digital images, videos, and other visual inputs. It allows computers to “see,” observe, & understand the world around them. By using machine learning and neural networks, computer vision can teach computers to recognize objects, identify defects, and make recommendations based on visual information.
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Machine Learning

Subset of AI that uses algorithms that learn from data to perform tasks without explicit programming.

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Deep Learning

Subfield of machine learning that uses artificial neural networks, which are composed of layers of interconnected nodes that mimic the structure of the human brain.

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Generative AI

Branch of deep learning that focuses on creating new data or content, such as images, text, music, etc., based on existing data or content.

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Computer Vision

Field of AI that deals with enabling machines to understand and process visual information, such as images and videos.

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Industry Brief Beyond the Platform

How Dell Technologies is leading the industry with an outcomes-based process for Computer Vision.

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Analyst Report Practical Computer Vision

Unlocking the power of innovation across the business.

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Blog The Future is Computer Vision

Real-time situational awareness, better quality and faster insights.

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Video Seeing the Bigger Picture

Transforming data insights into increased profitability and growth.

Delivering Outcomes

Organizations from every industry are in a digital race to turn data into business outcomes, faster. Computer vision is playing a more central role in that effort by accelerating time to value with its ability to connect video and other data at the edge with broader centralized networks.

Dell Technologies follows a unique validated design process that delivers the ability to ingest visual data once, and then provide multiple insights for any one of 5 outcome categories.
  1. Personnel & Facility Safety

    Provide a safer, more real-time aware environment.

  2. Personal Experience

    Provide a more positive, personalized and engaging experience for both customers and employees.

  3. Operational Efficiency

    Unlock more monetization opportunities from your data.

  4. Sustainability

    Measure and lower your environmental impact.

  5. Revenue Enhancement

    Leverage all the data you’re capturing to deliver high-quality services and improve resource allocation.

Better quality insights faster

From a technology standpoint, Dell Technologies delivers the ability to ingest visual data once, and the provide multiple insights for any one of the five outcomes. It’s the ingest point for visual data. Ingest once and use that data in as many ways as possible to deliver the desired output faster.

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Solution Brief The Data Scientist Point of View

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Solution Brief The IT Manager Viewpoint

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Solution Brief The Business Manager Point of View

The Dell Technologies Difference

Dell Technologies has combined with key industry stakeholders and an extensive partner network to develop and refine an award-winning process that takes customers from ideation to full-scale implementation, faster and with less risk. This process for computer vision delivers optimized business outcomes for customers.

Best in Class Computer Vision AI Solutions




Ingest data once and gain multiple insights

Industry-specific workflows

Proven validation process

Modern platform architecture to scale up and out

Validated and vetted partner eco-system

Innovative and secure solutions for the essential infrastructure of the digital era

Computer vision brings AI to your data


Computer vision brings AI to your data.

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Leading the industry with an outcomes-based process for computer vision.

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Reduce Risk with Dell Technologies Validated Design for Computer Vision.

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Faster Time to Implementation with Dell Technologies Validated Design for Computer Vision.

Solutions Catalogue

Solution Description Resources
Dell Validated Design Solutions for Computer Vision Infrastructure for providing businesses the outcomes of safer facilities and personnel, enhanced customer, employee & vendor experience, improved operational efficiency, increased sustainability and expanded revenue. Design Guides
Solution Briefs
Computer Vision Enhancements Appliance-based or software running on HCI infrastructure to provide additional workflow capabilities for computer vision analytics, data engineering, data management or cyber security. Whitepapers
Federated Analytics + Federated Learning A platform that combines centralized and distributed AI architectures  enabling endpoints to analyze incoming video and data in real-time. Data and privacy are protected through the whole chain with the industry’s only zero trust architecture. Solution Brief
Digital Forensics & Evidence Management Infrastructure for security video, body & dash cam video, social media feeds, digital and physical evidence and provide AI insights and digital forensic evaluation, with integrated case management. Solution Brief

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Industry Focus

The healthcare industry is one of the main beneficiaries of the rapid advancement of computer vision technologies. It has helped improve a great number of medical disciplines and save thousands of lives, all thanks to improved diagnostics, earlier detection of health issues, and better treatment plans.
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Analytics as a service for digital care.

How Healthcare Organizations are Improving Time to Insights with Data Fabrics.