Digital Cities

Designing Future-ready Urban Environments at Scale

Across the globe, innovative technologies are serving as the driving force behind the evolution of urban landscapes. It is accelerating the metamorphosis of cities into dynamic hubs of sustainability, efficiency, and connectivity. From smart infrastructure solutions optimizing resource utilization to data-driven urban planning enhancing lives, these technologies are fostering resilience in the face of challenges like rapid urbanization and climate change.

Discover the endless possibilities of digital cities of the future, where sustainable energy solutions and harmonious community-government relations pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

Digital Cities Solutions Portfolio

From Edge to Core

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Digital Cities Accelerator


Transforming urban landscapes

Revolutionizing urban environments with integrated operations, prioritizing safety, enhancing mobility, and fostering sustainability.

Building the digital epicentre for modern, urban cities

Explore how technology empowers governments and city planners to enhance citizen well-being and advance communities with innovative digital solutions.

Digital Cities Accelerator Propelling towards a safer tomorrow

City administrators, today, face the unprecedented task of building safer urban environments. Dell Digital Cities IOC architecture provides effective situational awareness to campuses, cities, or states through advanced AI/ML analytics and secure data storage.

Dell NativeEdge Driving real-time decision-making at the edge

The edge operations software platform centralizes deployment and management of edge infrastructure across geo-distributed locations. With automation, open architecture, and zero-trust security, Dell NativeEdge supports diverse edge use cases, aiding city administrators in achieving urban development goals efficiently.

Digital Twins Robust city planning and emergency response

Modern urban landscapes face ongoing challenges of addressing issues like traffic congestion, utilities management, and population growth. Using Digital Twin modelling and simulation, city planners can accurately assess where critical infrastructure needs to be developed for optimal impact.

Enabling technologies for the Digital Cities of tomorrow

Enabling technologies for the digital cities of tomorrow
Enabling technologies for the digital cities of tomorrow

Digital Cities: Validated Designs

Dell Validated Design For Urban Mobility With ISS

Dell Validated Design for Urban Mobility, powered by Dell infrastructure and the SecurOS software suite from ISS, is purpose-built for real-time video analytics and situational awareness scenarios. It delivers the best-of-breed hardware solution, guaranteeing unparalleled performance in urban security integration.

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Dell Validated Design For Unified Operations Center With AVEVA

Aveva emerges as the catalyst for building a smarter, more streamlined tomorrow. With a unique interface, the solution enables data-driven city planning, along with comprehensive, 360-degree control and operational visibility across city services. By amalgamating data, deploying validated designs, and implementing applications through automated processes, it facilitates smart city operations to gain a winning edge.

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Digital Cities: Dell Certified Solutions

Intelligent Evaluation

Axxon One is a limitlessly scalable video management software that combines comprehensive support for 10,000+ IP devices and a streamlined user interface. It offers unique value through features like smart forensic search in recorded video and customizable video analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence.

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Smart System Orchestrator

OneMindNG serves as a smart system orchestrator for smart cities, providing access to expert subsystems and offering operators a real-time, holistic view of city performance and incident resolution capabilities. Its connector layer ingests information from diverse systems and data sources across organizations and departments, enabling seamless integration regardless of technology.

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Optimized Management

iOmniscient offers solutions for 300 use cases, improving safety, security, and productivity across 30 different industries. From customer analytics for retail to traffic optimization systems, it accomplishes tasks seamlessly. Its systems are designed to reduce infrastructure costs, making them often less expensive to implement than alternatives lacking intelligence.

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Safety Innovations

Equivital develops enterprise-grade worker health and safety solutions, specifically targeting markets most affected by heat stress. It empowers organizations to save lives and optimize team health and performance by harnessing the power of world-class sensors. In addition, the holistic solutions include environmental monitoring, body-worn cameras, location tracking, and APIs.

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Accelerating digitally powered urban ecosystems

Town of Gilbert, Arizona

Chorley Council, United Kingdom

State of Michigan, USA

Higher Education, Philippines