Modern Storage for Kubernetes and Containers

Container Storage Modules

Empower developers and automate operations with Dell’s high performing and resilient enterprise storage foundation for Kubernetes.

Why Dell CSM Simple, consistent, integrated and automated experience for enterprise storage and cloud native stateful applications

Extend enterprise storage to Kubernetes

Accelerate adoption of cloud native workloads with proven enterprise storage.

Empower developers through automation

Reduce development cycles by integrating enterprise storage with existing Kubernetes toolsets for scalable operations.

Safely and seamlessly consume storage

Monitor and secure operations across enterprise storage and DevOps environments.

Container Storage Modules

Container Storage Modules

Bring powerful enterprise storage features and functionality to your Kubernetes for easier adoption of cloud native workloads, improved productivity and scalable operations. Bridge gaps between developers and IT teams with capabilities such as provisioning, snapshotting, replication, observability, authorization and resiliency for containerized workloads.

Container Storage Interface

Container Storage Interface

Available for Dell’s entire storage portfolio, our Container Storage Interface (CSI) drivers expose block, file and unstructured storage systems to containerized workloads on Container Orchestration Systems (COs) like Kubernetes.


CSM and CSI are open-source projects from Dell Technologies that take advantage of the extensibility of Kubernetes to allow developers, site reliability engineers, storage engineers and DevOps teams to run cloud native stateful applications more efficiently. CSMs have been implemented to communicate with Dell's industry leading storage products through our CSI drivers. We welcome contributions to the projects to continue to support a healthy and vibrant Kubernetes community.

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