Help Me Choose: Laptop Cameras

Latitude 14 9000 Series 2-in-1 Touch Notebook

Get enhanced footage and privacy with our advanced camera features, from better quality in low light to onlooker detection.

Types of Cameras

Your laptop might have one of the following built-in cameras:

High definition (HD)

Sufficient for video conferencing when you want to save bandwidth, with up to 720p resolution.

Full high definition (FHD)

Best for enterprise video conferencing, with up to 1080p resolution.

Infrared (IR)

Best for enabling vision-based privacy features, such as facial recognition login and onlooker detection. Configured with either the HD or FHD camera.

Camera Features

Some features are only available on select models. Refer to your device’s product details to see which apply.
  1. Temporal Noise Reduction

    • Reduce pixelated “noise” in streaming video

    • Improve quality of footage in low-light conditions

  2. Express Sign-in

    • Automatically wake system when your presence is detected

    • Sign-in securely with Windows Hello facial recognition

    • Have screen lock automatically when you are away

  3. Intelligent Privacy

    Set vision-based privacy features, such as:

    • Onlooker detection: Automatically texturizes screen or turns on privacy filter when onlooker is detected

    • Look Away Detect: Dims screen when your focus is elsewhere to preserve data and battery life

  1. Camera Shutter

    • Slide manual privacy shutter over webcam when not in use

    • Eliminate need for paper, sticker, or other external camera covers

  2. SafeShutter

    • Block camera with automated privacy shutter when not in use

    • Sync with video conferencing software to open and close instantly

    • Use quick keys to turn off camera or microphone on demand