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Laptops for CAD

The best laptops for CAD

For designers and engineers working with computer-aided design (CAD) applications, the right laptop can significantly increase accuracy in renderings and production speed. However, most business laptops lack the power required to run processing-intensive CAD software. To ensure fast, responsive performance, users running CAD should consider mobile workstations.

Mobile workstations are built with high-end components that can accommodate the enormous resource demands of CAD software. Offering the fastest CPUs, the latest graphics cards, large amounts of RAM, fast SSD storage, and high-resolution displays, mobile workstations provide superior CAD performance.

Precision mobile workstations are Dell’s CAD laptops. Built with the fastest processors, memory and state-of-the-art graphics capabilities, Precision workstations are designed to handle the most demanding CAD applications for users in design, manufacturing, graphics, and engineering.


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The best laptops for CAD

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The best laptops for CAD

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Components of ideal CAD laptops

Laptops built for running CAD programs must be built with components specifically designed to accommodate the strenuous demands of resource-intensive applications.

The latest processors
High-powered CPUs are a key element. Because CAD programs typically run on a single-core, it’s wiser to invest in fewer cores with higher clock speeds than in multiple cores running at slower clock speeds. A minimum CPU clock speed of 3 MHz is recommended for any significant CAD production. 3.5 MHz is recommended for heavy-duty jobs. You also want to look for CPUs with a higher boost frequency – the maximum speed of any single core. The higher the boost frequency, the better your CAD performance will be.

Professional graphics cards
The graphics card will handle most of the compute-intensive workload in a CAD program. Choose the latest GPUs that are certified for specific CAD applications and the laptop’s monitor as well as any external monitors.

Large amounts of RAM
When it comes to RAM, DDR4 is essential and 16 GB or 32 GB of RAM will enable faster loading and processing. It’s important to choose enough RAM to drive the most powerful applications while running several other programs simultaneously.

Fast storage drives
SSD drives (solid-state drives) load data far more quickly than HDDs (hard disk drives) because they are built with interconnected flash-memory chips . Built with fewer moving parts, they tend to be less susceptible to minor drops or normal wear and tear. When possible, laptops should be configured with NVMe-based drives that enable even faster processing. RAID storage options can provide more reliable performance for CAD workstations.

High-resolution screens
A higher resolution is ideal for CAD – a 4K display enables greater clarity.

The best laptops for CAD from Dell

The best laptops for CAD from Dell

Precision mobile workstations for CAD provide interactive performance that enables greater productivity. With versatile designs, intelligent performance and mission-critical reliability, Precision workstations offer more opportunities for iteration in CAD to enable better product design. Precision workstations are equipped with the latest Intel Core and XEON processors and professional NVIDIA graphics cards. They also feature scalable memory and storage options to accommodate the most demanding applications. With Precision mobile workstations, users in fields like engineering, manufacturing, design and graphics can expect faster, more responsive performance from their applications.

Features include:

  • Award-winning designs with 4K InfinityEdge displays that have true-color with Dell PremiumColor that feature 100% Adobe color gamut
  • Thermal cooling for top-end performance and reliability
  • Dell Optimizer for Precision, an AI-based performance optimization software that automatically tunes workstations using machine learning
  • Reliable Memory Technology Pro, another layer of protection beyond ECC memory
  • Mission-critical reliability thanks to rigorous testing and ISV certifications
  • Superfast data transfers
  • Innovative security solutions to protect data and prevent threats
Precision workstations are Dell’s best laptops for engineers running any resource-intensive programs, and Dell’s best laptops for engineering students as well.

Additional use cases
The superior speed and processing power of Precision devices make them among Dell’s best laptops for programming and creative applications. Dell also offers a wide range of additional laptops for business. Vostro laptops are ideal for small businesses, and Latitude laptops and laptop tablets are among Dell’s best business laptops for all-around performance and productivity.

Why choose Dell laptops?

In addition to exceptional performance, Precision mobile workstations for CAD offer a superior customer experience.
Why choose Dell laptops

Expert assistance
Technical support is available online and over the phone, and Dell offers many options for upgrading support and extending product warranties.

Free shipping
Every product purchased from ships free of charge for standard delivery. Learn more about the Dell Experience here.

Easy returns
Returning your Dell laptop within 30 days of purchase is fast and easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CAD workstation?
Computer-aided design (CAD) applications are processing-intensive software programs used by engineers, architects, and construction managers. A CAD workstation is a desktop, rack, or mobile workstation that is configured with components that increase processing speed to handle the intensive performance demands of CAD programs.

What are the best laptops for CAD?
The best laptops for CAD are mobile workstations built with components that can handle the enormous processing requirements of CAD programs, delivering enhanced reliability for longer renders. CAD laptops must have processors with very high clock speeds, large amounts of RAM, and professional graphics cards with state-of-the-art GPUs. Storage is dependent on whether you store on the network or locally.

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