Intel® Core™ Processors
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Recovery and Recycling Services

Drive circular IT practices

Old laptops in a row in workshop shelf

Asset Recovery Services

Securely and responsibly retire your old assets while protecting both your business and the planet.

Employees Collaborating in Data Canter

Infrastructure Data Santization and Data Destruction Services

Our recycling and sustainability services secure infrastructure data while protecting your IP, the environment and your brand reputation.

Embedding sustainability in the IT lifecycle

Recovery & Recycling Services

Comprehensively handles all facets of asset retirement, offering reuse, resale, or recycling solutions alongside secure data sanitization services.

Professional Services

Aids in constructing environmentally-conscious ecosystems by leveraging sustainable technology solutions, meticulously designed and built for long-term sustainability.

Deployment Services

Efficiently deploys new systems while minimizing environmental impact through streamlined logistics and the use of rapidly renewable packaging materials.

Support & Managed Services

Evaluates and enhances energy efficiency to minimize energy consumption and carbon emissions, resulting in cost-effective solutions and positive environmental impacts.

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Program Developer in a Modern Office Working on the U3219Q Monitor

APEX PC-as-a-Service

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Businessmen using a Laptop in a Production Hall

Technology Rotation

A business strategy enabling organizations to keep cash on hand, take advantage of current-state technology and contribute to the circular economy.

Intel® Core™ Processors
Learn More about Intel