Video: Advancing cybersecurity and Zero Trust maturity

A former hacker and a former White House CIO discuss the opportunities and risks that GenAI presents.

Cyber criminals don’t give up, they evolve their tactics. They are using GenAI and new technologies, and they are looking at the consumer accounts of individuals in the workplace. – Theresa Payton, former CIO for the White House

The cybersecurity environment is constantly changing. The threat landscape is ever evolving as attacks become more sophisticated and hackers adapt to improving defenses.

New technologies, like GenAI, offer both opportunities and new cybersecurity risks. Meanwhile, organizations remain budget and resource-constrained in their security efforts.

In this LinkedIn Live conversation hosted by Arun Krishnamoorthy, Dell Technologies’ senior director of cybersecurity product management, and Ash Lakshmanan, director of product management, two cybersecurity leaders with different perspectives discuss how to advance cybersecurity and Zero Trust maturity.

Theresa Payton, the First Female White House CIO, Leading Cybersecurity Expert, and 2019 Woman Cybersecurity Leader of the Year advises corporations and governments on cybersecurity.

Hector Monsegur, former hacker and member of an offshoot of the hacktivist group Anonymous who was involved in high-profile cyber-attacks and now uses his skills to help organizations strengthen their security postures.

Hector and Theresa offer their thoughts on how to reduce the attack surface, detect and respond to threats, and recover from attacks.

They also delve into current topics like the potential impact of GenAI, the power of Zero Trust architectures, or “no trust zones” as Theresa calls them and provide practical advice to improve your cybersecurity capabilities.

In this video: 

  1. Cybersecurity threats and adaptations (3:40)
  2. GenAI and cybersecurity threats (9:38)
  3. Cybersecurity trends and strategies for protecting against attacks (14:18)
  4. Implementing Zero Trust architecture and security awareness training (21:31)
  5. Cybersecurity strategies for detection and response (27:03)

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