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    Alienware M11x Ultra-portable Gaming Laptop

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    Alienware M11x Gaming Computer
    Alienware m11x Lightweight Laptop

    Mobile Domination

    Bedroom, dorm room, coffee shop, friend’s house — stay anywhere in the game*. Starting at less than 4.5 lbs*, the ultraportable M11x is designed for gamers who have a mobile life. Drop it in your bag and go.
    Alienware M11x Portable Gaming Computer

    Out-of-This-World Gaming Experience

    Gaming is all about experience — the experience of visiting new worlds, of helping friends and crushing enemies, and of showing off your skills.

    Give that experience a boost. Boot up your ultraportable M11x laptop wherever you are and you’ll have the power to pulverize at your fingertips. Engage your senses with the HD display and wake your neighbors with some of the best audio options on an 11.6" laptop.

    Then get moving. Head over to the library. While everyone else is studying, you’ll be exploring other dimensions and annihilating every horrid creature you encounter. And now you won’t have to stop in the middle of your game. Switchable graphics will optimize your battery life, letting you cram more carnage into a single charge.
    Alienware M11x Laptops(overview)

    Performance Power — Unleashed!

    Operating system : Windows® 7 Professional.

    Winning Vision: Stay at the top of your game with Windows® 7 Professional,
    NVIDIA® GeForce® 540M series graphics technology and up to 2GB* of DDR3 graphics memory.
    Alienware M11x Laptop (overview)

    Performance Power — Unleashed!

    Processing Muscle: Put opponents in their place with lightning fast processing power — 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor.
    Alienware M11x Laptop (overview)

    Performance Power — Unleashed!

    Memory: With up to 16GB of dual channel DDR3 1333MHz memory, the Alienware™ M11x is a multitasking madness powerhouse.
    Alienware M11x Laptop (overview)

    Performance Power — Unleashed!

    High-Definition Visuals: With the crystal-clear 29.5 cm (11.6) (720p WLED HD — 1366x768) display, your games and multimedia look incredible.

    Command and Customize

    Control and personalize your system from the user-friendly Alienware Command Center.
    Alienware M11x Gamer Laptop
    AlienFX™ Lighting Controls: Show your attitude! Choose from an array of color and transition effects, and assign them to distinct zones, including the keyboard, touchpad and more.
    Alienware M11x Gamer Laptop
    AlienFusion™ Power Management: You decide when you need maximum performance or when to scale back power for less intensive applications.

    Alienware M11x Gamer Laptop
    AlienTouch™ Touchpad Controls: Customize your touchpad’s sensitivity to prevent accidental contact and activate virtual scrolling to enable vertical and horizontal scrolling with just a touch.
    Alienware M11x Laptop (overview)
    Preloaded and Ready to Go: Steam®, the popular digital distribution gaming software, can be preinstalled on your Alienware® M11x laptop. Opt to have Eve Online, the popular sci-fi MMO, preinstalled as well, so you can stop wasting time and start playing!
    Alienware M11x Laptop (overview)
    Mark of the Conqueror: Laser cut and etched in metal for all time — your Alienware laptop comes with a custom engraved name plate. Mark your M11x with your name, clan, nickname or a threat of dismemberment to anyone who touches your system.

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