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Intel® Core™ Processors


Help Me Choose: Graphics Card

Whether you’re gaming, watching DVDs or editing video, the quality of the graphics you experience is only as good as your Graphics card. Along with the computer monitor itself, the Graphics card determines the number of colors that can be displayed, as well as the contrast, resolution and overall gaming graphics.

Help Me Choose: Video Card

A single discrete Graphics card:
To tackle complex graphics, applications and gaming, a discrete Graphics card can handle all the applications an integrated card can handle, plus:
  • Complex presentations
  • Graphics design
  • Financial analysis
  • High-resolution video
  • Video conferences
  • Dual monitor setup

An integrated Graphics card:
An entry-level solution for typical office productivity applications, internet use, relatively small digital images, low-resolution video, simple games and other relatively undemanding applications, integrated Graphics cards are generally acceptable for:
  • Word processing
  • Instant messaging
  • Small presentations
  • Spreadsheets

Single Graphics Card Configurations NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 1030 2GB GDDR5 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GDDR5 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1660 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1660 Ti NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2060 NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2070 NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2080 AMD Radeon™ RX 570 AMD Radeon™ RX 5700
Dedicated Graphics Memory 2 GB GDDR5 4GB GDDR 4GB GDDR5 6GB GDDR5 6GB GDDR6 6GB GDDR6 8GB DDR6 8GB DDR6 8GB DDR5 8GB DDR6
Width Dual Slot Dual Slot Dual Slot Dual Slot Dual Slot Dual Slot Dual Slot Dual Slot Dual Slot Dual Slot
Approximate Wattage 30W 75W 75W 120W 120W 160W 175W 215W 150W 180W
Base Clock 1379 1291 1485 MHz 1530 MHz 1500 MHz 1365 MHz 1410 1515 1168 465
Boost Clock 1468 1392 1665 MHz 1785 MHz 1770 MHz 1680 MHz 1701 1800 1233 1725
NVIDIA CUDA Cores 384 768 896 1408 1536 1920 2304 2944 N/A N/A
Stream Processors N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 2048 2304
G-Sync / Freesync Ready No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
APIs Supported DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.5 DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.5 DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.5 DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.5 DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.5 DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.5 DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.5 DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.5 DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.5 DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.5
Maximum Resolution 7680x4320@60Hz 7680x4320@60Hz 7680x4320@120Hz 7680x4320@120Hz 7680x4320@120Hz 7680x4320@120Hz 7680x4320@120Hz 7680x4320@120Hz 7680x4320@120Hz 7680x4320@120Hz
HDMI Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
HDCP Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

The system you are configuring may or may not include all of the options listed here.

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX And RTX™ 

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX And RTX™ graphics cards are powered by advanced GPU architectures for both gamers and creators. Get truly next-gen performance and features for the ultimate gaming experience.

One reason why NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX And RTX™ Graphics cards are so powerful is because they have dedicated graphics memory. This means that the Graphics card’s graphical processing unit (GPU) has its own source of memory and doesn’t use the memory that your computer uses. This design frees up system memory, which helps improve the overall system and graphics performance of your computer.

In addition, as a dedicated Graphics card, the physical hardware is a separate component that plugs into an expansion slot on the motherboard. You can easily remove and replace the Graphics card if you need to.


Set up to the ultimate 4K gaming experience with GeForce RTX™ and enjoy today’s biggest games in amazing detail.


Get smooth, tear-free gameplay at refresh rates up to 240 Hz, plus HDR and more. This is the ultimate gaming display and the go-to equipment for enthusiast gamers.


Turn your screenshots into art with this powerful in-game photo mode that captures 360, HDR, and super-resolution photos.


MAX-Q Design
Thin for the win: GeForce® Max-Q is an innovative approach to crafting the world’s thinnest, fastest, quietest gaming laptops. It hits the sweet spot of ultimate GeForce gaming and impossibly sleek design


Virtual Reality
Take VR to a new level of realism with a combination of advanced VR rendering, real-time ray tracing, and AI.

Next-Gen Gaming

DirectX® 12 Technology

DirectX 12 (DX12) enables developers to add amazing graphics effects to Microsoft Windows-based PC games. GeForce® graphics cards deliver advanced DX12 features such as ray tracing and variable rate shading, bringing games to life with ultra-realistic visual effects and faster frame rates.

NVIDIA® NVLINK® Technology

NVLink allows data to move between GPUs and CPUs five to 12 times faster than before by combining multiple GeForce® GPUs. It offers amazing performance scaling for a premier gaming solution.

NVIDIA® PhysX® Technology

NVIDIA® PhysX® technology adds an element of realism that is revolutionary in gaming. With an NVIDIA® GeForce® GPU in your PC, you’ll experience dynamic PhysX® effects like blazing explosions, reactive debris, realistic water and lifelike characteristics.
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