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Dell Latitude 7390 Owner's Manual

General screen options

This section lists the primary hardware features of your computer.

System Information
  • System Information: Displays BIOS Version, Service Tag, Asset Tag, Ownership Tag, Ownership Date, Manufacture Date, and the Express Service Code.
  • Memory Information: Displays Memory Installed, Memory Available, Memory Speed, Memory Channels Mode, Memory Technology, DIMM A Size, DIMM B Size.
  • Processor Information: Displays Processor Type, Core Count, Processor ID, Current Clock Speed, Minimum Clock Speed, Maximum Clock Speed, Processor L2 Cache, Processor L3 Cache, HT Capable, and 64-Bit technology.
  • Device Information: Displays Primary Hard Drive, MiniCard Device, ODD Device, Dock eSATA Device, LOM MAC Address, Video Controller, Video BIOS Version, Video Memory, Panel Type, Native Resolution, Audio Controller, Wi-Fi Device, WiGig Device, Cellular Device, Bluetooth Device.
Battery Information
Displays the battery status and the type of AC adapter connected to the computer.
Boot Sequence
Boot Sequence
Allows you to change the order in which the computer attempts to find an operating system. The options are:
  • Windows Boot Manager

By default, the options is checked.

Boot List Options
Allows you to change the boot list option:
  • Legacy
  • UEFI (The option is enabled by default)
Advanced Boot Options
Allows you the legacy option ROMs to load. By default, all the option are disabled.
  • Enable Legacy Option ROMs
  • Enable Attempt Legacy Boot
UEFI Boot Path SecurityOptions
Allows you to control whether or not the system will prompt to the user to enter the Admin password, when a user selects a UEFI boot path from the F12 boot Menu.
  • Always, Except Internal HDD. This option is enabled by default.
  • Always
  • Never
  • NOTE: These options have no relevance if the Admin password is not set BIOS settings.
Allows you to change the date and time.

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