Dell Latitude 5501 Service Manual

Major components of your system

Major components of your system
  1. Base cover
  2. DC-in metal bracket
  3. DC-in port
  4. Heatsink assembly
  5. Heatsink fan
  6. Memory modules
  7. Inner frame
  8. Memory bracket
  9. Keyboard
  10. Keyboard bracket
  11. Battery
  12. SmartCard reader
  13. Speakers
  14. Touchpad buttons
  15. Display assembly
  16. Palmrest assembly
  17. Solid state drive
  18. SSD thermal plate
  19. Coin-cell battery
  20. WWAN card
NOTE: Dell provides a list of components and their part numbers for the original system configuration purchased. These parts are available according to warranty coverages purchased by the customer. Contact your Dell sales representative for purchase options.

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