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Note from Lionel: My apologies in advance. The
content that follows was part of our activities at Oracle
OpenWorld. In working through technical difficulties earlier this
week, I overlooked this blog and vlog from Logan
McLeod. Since it involves some enterprise topics that Direct2Dell
readers have asked about, I thought it still warranted being posted.
Sorry for the oversight. 

I’m part of Dell’s Global Data Management Services team and our job
is to manage all of the databases around the globe, in addition to our
data warehouse. That’s a pretty enormous responsibility and Oracle
plays a significant role in keeping our business running.

Since we’re here at Oracle OpenWorld sharing our vision of Grid Computing
with customers, I wanted to provide some insight into the scope of
database management and what it actually means to a company our size.
We manage almost 200 Linux-based Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) databases with Oracle Enterprise Manager.

We oversee just over 1,000 production Oracle database instances
globally. Note that I said production—there is more than that in our
labs and datacenters supporting all the development work we do. In this
vlog, I talk about Dell’s presence at the show and our vision for the
future of one the most mission-critical workloads we deploy in our
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Topics in this article